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  1. it's good that he's being sincere. if he ever makes a comment about your looks or has made some before, then I would argue this is negging. an intentional tactic to lower self esteem so you work naked to 'keep him'. does he talk about how attractive other women are, mention how many girls give him attention or give you back handed compliments? those are all signs that he's being manipulative.

  2. Cheating comes in many forms from different people and boundaries must be discussed beforehand.

    If this was a guy friend I’m pretty sure more people would see the guy’s perspective better. The gender doesn’t change much.

    There’s also a possibility as you were telling him that you conveyed the wrong message.

    Just explain to him the atmosphere and intent clearly and that you’d like to work through this together.

    The people saying break up think that relationships don’t come with hardships like this, you two seem to have communication problems so just communicate

  3. Good comment but highly likely none of these are the issue. From his post history, dude's still in love with his ex and wants to “pop a cherry.”

  4. You are adults make some official(but tentative) division of labour within house. I also have issue of being oblivious of what needs to be helped with if someone else is mostly managing situation. It's better to establish it clearly from the get go, then he can know what needs to be done on the day before he is free for the rest of it.

  5. Does he have some kind of Neuro divergence? That's the only reason I can see to not take this as super disrespectful. It's possible his brain is wired differently to the point that he has horrible perception of time. He could try to get tips from a therapist or something. But if he's just not paying attention to the clock because he doesn't want to, then that is a clear sign of disrespect and probably disinterest. It would be a 3 strikes and he's out kind of thing for me. I'm not going to make plans and rearrange my schedule for someone who can't be bothered to even show up on time

  6. You admitted you were immature and treated Her badly. I’d chalk it up to BOTH of you being immature and move past it.

  7. Only the folders of the phone camera are synced, so only vids/pics we take ourselves. Videos you receive through WhatsApp or whatever or stored in a different folder on your phone, those don't get synced. My wife didn't know that though.

  8. I hope you realize not everyone is “cut out” for college and high earning jobs. Trade schools are important. Otherwise who'd be fixing your family car and cleaning your homes.

    You have grown up in privilege and really can't see beyond your money bubble.

  9. Even if it puts your newborn baby at risk of serious illness or death??? I think this is an exception dude.

  10. I've lived with her for 6 years, it's just not the type of person she is. Incredibly ignorant, you can sell me on that. But I don't think she's a bad person.

  11. Why don't marriages last anymore?

    Women: I'm bored just living with someone who cares about me. And I know it's become socially acceptable to walk away as well. I just want aaaatention. Get flirted with, entertained, taken to dinner.

    Cool, you do that. But there come an age where noone will chase you. And it will be naked to get someone to care for you that way. They won't be lining up when all they are good for is being your pension plan.

  12. Sounds like dude is looking at the realities of having a baby and realising it’s gonna be naked and he’s changed his mind. But he can’t say that so he’ll just blame you instead. I woukd sit him down and say “first, don’t get your brother to send me nasty texts ever again. Second, we aren’t having a surprise baby. This was a joint decision. If you’re scared or something, that’s fine. We’ll talk it out. But me baby trapping you? My husband of several years? Pull your head out of your ass.”

  13. Have you asked if/when she thinks she'll be ready? Or what would make her feel ready? Not to push her, but to understand where the difference is.

  14. It all sounds unbearably ugly, on both sides.

    I'd say that you should consider the entire thing burnt to the ground and take solace from the fact that it is over and you now have a chance to start fresh.

    He's with someone else now, regardless of how he got there, and there's really nothing you can do about it. Move on, find someone new, and try to work on yourself.

  15. Dude your friend is right. I am 34 and I would never date a 19yr old. Not only is there too much of a difference in our maturity level. But a 19yr old literally looks like a child to me. Like a teenage child. that's gross ASF. Most people's physical attraction preference grows with them

  16. lol. Well there's always someone having a nosy around on someone's old stuff… I randomly see people on FB I didn't know I had, and have a nosy. But she didn't cite a mum like that, or anything.

    From the post I just got the impression she just didn't like it. Often people are convinced others care more than they really do. Okay, people do nosy – but often it's just a mild curiosity. Not real judgement either way, and even if it is, what does it matter when it's not their life?

    Imo an obsessive mum would be a “warning” on her side. I just fall on the opinion that we can't change other people's history. A fb post or two from 7 whole years ago doesn't make a difference. Obsessive family members aside.

  17. he's begged forgiveness but I feel like she wants something I can't provide. Is there any hope or should I just move on?

    Cheating is cheating, the gender really shouldn't matter. She cheated, and she hid it from you…. she put your health in danger and didn't bother telling you.

    And now she's begging for forgiveness? C'mon

  18. And there it is.

    Don't stay with someone (and especially don't have kids with someone) who blames you for their actions when angry. Being able to fight fair and have productive disagreements is the #1 skill to having a good long-term relationship.

  19. in case you need it.

    Need it for what? She's already seen the emotional affair. It doesn't need to be proven to anyone else.

  20. The 99 present is more about her behavior in general. I mean I can tolerate the rare overreaction but I feel her overreacting andrhinking I'm being direct fully is why she misunderstood me behind my back or maybe she doesn't know I'm her son so so it doesn't matter who she's talking to. But eh, I can't be bothered anymore. I want a relationship with her but it's been a little frustrating given she misgendered me purpously in the past tbh lol. I know she's better now but eh.

  21. Now you know the truth, divorce before you get pregnant!! He isn't financially responsible, plus he is a liar!

  22. Yeah, you don’t really want any advice here. His friend is racist and your bf is okay with him being racist, which makes him racist. You are what you hang with.

  23. It might be good to make a little “performance” when he gets home, like you celebrate, give him a big hug, maybe a little cute scream when he opens the door. Texts during the day asking when he’s going to be home. Just things to show that you’re missing him and want him there.

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