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Date: October 23, 2022

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  1. So much awfulness here that others have touched on already. Fact is he sucks!! He’s a shitty boyfriend, and he doesn’t deserve you.

    Also, please stop paying for any of this man’s finances, like immediately. If y’all on-line together, maybe make that the one temporary exception, but still don’t drop another cent on this man.

    He’s treating you so poorly, like you’re his golden goose or (worse yet) his giving tree that will give and give until there’s nothing left for you. Bleeding you dry financially and emotionally, while someone how still contributing nothing to your relationship besides manipulation.

    Maybe try to get the debt he owes you back while you work on moving back. and worse case write it off for your own mental health as a “lesson learned” cost if you have to. Again, he doesn’t deserve you, but you do deserve better and to not have your future sacrificed for this leech

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