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  1. So basically it's a he said/she said between bf and the girl? Ask the girl for screenshots of their texts. I don't think bf should be getting another girl (who happens to be posting explicit photos live) phone number. It's def cheating adjacent.

  2. Bad advice. You’re clear to record a conversation for these purposes in all 50 states. A common reddit legal take that’s often misunderstood.

  3. You are confusing 30 with 40. You are being very ridiculous here.

    35 years old is considered an advanced maternal age, so I'm actually not confused lol, but thanks. And How am I being ridiculous ? I mentioned that it was a POSSIBILITY, but not the exact reason, of course I don't know if that's the reason why she's bringing up marriage to him, just giving him other opinions on the woman's point of view. Men are able to have children a lot longer then women are, and I don't think a lot of men realize that.

    And if she does wants kids, she shouldn't be waiting until she is 31 (+5 years) so then he says again he is not ready and then she has to start dating again.

    ..I'm agreeing with you lol, I'm not sure what this comment was for.

  4. Being in an interracial relationship comes with a few bumps in the road in relation to just the cultural differences and how you two may interpret situations differently. It’s really about how he responds after you have a discussion with him about how you are interpreting his responses to the situations you experience. I had a naked time understanding cultural norms with my husband (Filipino) and I came off offensive unbeknownst to me, but that was my own ignorance at play. I am now cognizant of my actions around his family and how I respond to things they may do that I don’t understand or how he experiences situations differently from me. And more importantly how our child may have different experiences than me as well.

    If he isn’t receptive to your feelings and willing to explore his own racial perceptions and still finds it funny, then he isn’t the one.

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