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Date: September 18, 2022

43 thoughts on “Kristina Marl the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Say something like, “How about I leave you here? And just walk away untill your reboot card drops? I'll do it if you dont shut up.” Something like that. Put some thought into it.

  2. If you don’t know (or care) much about computers, maybe ask around a bit and find out what else he’s into that you do like? Then think of any question about that and ask him next time you see him.

    “So and so mentioned you like Marvel. Have you seen all the movies? Which is your favorite?”

  3. Sorry it’s taken a while to reply to this. Thank you all for your comments. It’s so nude for me to get advice so I’m very grateful to you all for taking the time to give me your opinions.

  4. He’s immature. And not as you described him. Loving and caring in certain situations isn’t loving and caring.

  5. I’m not understanding what’s concerning. I’m aware of her mental state and she is not stressed or going through anything. My best guess is she is just content with it or doesn’t notice since it has been a slow gain over time. Maybe I can ask if she’s going through something then mention the weight that’s a good idea.

  6. He did listen to my request. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a reasonable boundary. Part of it is probably because of my past and I realize that I shouldn’t treat him like people from my past because he is not them

  7. But hes not wrong though. They both need therapy not just the husband btw. For the lying sure. But for the lack of passion etc, thats a two way street

  8. I was a grown woman working and well educated and with a career in finance with strong guidance and friendships when I met my husband

    And you still are that woman, taking some time out to also be a good mother.

    He's not good enough for you is the problem, sadly. And he hasn't grown up when you did.

  9. I go to a psychologist, sorry I don't know the difference between a therapist and a psychologist but mine is definetely a licensed psychologist:) If this is more interesting to you, this here sums up pretty well how I feel and I have no idea what do to with it because it sounds like such an exaggerated cry for attention that I feel truly ridiculous. It's a comment i made elsewhere and it opened my eyes to how I feel/what might be the underlying issue.

    If you don't know what you want, then you don't know what you desire. So then, it gets very nude to categorise an outcome as failure or success. For example, I want many things, and I have the tendency to struggle with the same problems (studying, cleaning my room, resistance to both) over an extended period, which makes me feel like I am suffering and failing every damn day that I don't study/don't work towards reaching goals. Even if you do many things, if you don't have a goal, it's hot to define your success. So inevitably, trying without a goal will lead to failure. And not having a goal is also a hard thing, because if I have a goal, I will overthink it so badly that I'd rather not have it to escape the possible failure. Actually, I get resistant towards that goal because I challenge myself thinking “Why do I need that goal? Why do I have to achieve anything in life? Do I not love myself anymore if I fail?”. So I try to fail over and over again subconsciously to challenge if I really love myself, if am worthy of being loved without any accomplishments. I can also tell you why I feel that unworthy, etc. , but how does that awareness/clarity of my problems solve them? Eg. I was accepted into a big scholarship, and after 4 Minutes of happiness I realised that certain people (my dad) still don't love me, that my childhood didn't change, that I, essentially, didn't change as a person, to become more lovable. I hope dearly this made sense, this is quite heavy and nude to read I guess. Not trying does not lead to failure if not trying proves to me that I am worthy, no matter what I achieve in life. Not trying keeps the possibility open that – maybe – it would be possible that if I succeeded, I would be loved and all the voids in my heart would be filled, all the pain would wash off of me. That's hope right there, that's the result of failure. That's a lot, man. I don't want to loose that hope. I'm not sure if this is the actual issue, might be exaggerating here, but I am not more self-aware than that:) haha That's right. If I try something, anything, and I fail, my sense of identity gets shattered. Because I either believe I am dumb, or I believe “wtf you're so smart what is wrong with you for not succeeding given everything you have been given?”

  10. Personally I say break up. Not that I would but it sounds like it really bothers you. And if head is that important to you, staying together you’ll just end up resenting her and she’ll just feel pressured and uncomfortable.

  11. If I’m being honest Jacob really struggled to score points but he did however improve a lot, he didn’t help much but I can say he worked very nude and improved a lot

  12. Well I guess the commitee think your BF has a sucky attitude. Clearly he's a terrible loser and that's probably why he didn't win the award. As for him being transphobic…. well yeah he is, as for your friends telling you to dump him….that's up to them.

  13. Talk to him about it, but be calm. If you’re hysterical about it and come out with your ultimatums blazing (“No more! Never again!”), he’s likely to just hide it better next time.

    Find out what he likes. Talk to him. Don’t ask him not to be himself, find out what he is, and share it.

    Then tell him who YOU are. Let him know if it makes you feel insecure.

    If he respects that conversation, you win. If he doesn’t, you know you were fair and he wasn’t worth it.

  14. lmao she got you to move out for three months so she can fuck another guy in your house?

    dude, you are the single most pathetic person I have ever seen post here. grow some balls

  15. People who don’t want babies shouldn’t have them, even if their partner does.

    You need to have a serious discussion with him. Does he ever want children?

    I’m sorry you’re going through this.

  16. Your clock is just as important as his. I'd lay out the facts and that this is something that won't have a compromise. He needs to know where you stand, and you're allowed to want a baby. That's an incredibly normal want. As women, we do have a limited time to do this naturally and that's just the reality. Unfortunately, it has to be a full discussion and a full decision

  17. Just because something is shallow doesn't make it immoral. If you have a desire for more sex and you're not getting it at the moment, then it'd be the right thing to break up with your girlfriend first. I'm just highlighting that this isn't going to be smooth. She will get hurt, and I'm just hoping you realize that and take the necessary steps to be as tactful as possible when letting her down.

  18. The next time he tries to insist, remind him that he has literally already implied he'd be with her if he could be, calmly explain that you've decided you've listened to him try to suggest helping him park alongside her to wait for her boyfriend to leave and that you won't be keeping him company while he does.

    Walk away action star-style without looking back at the fire.

  19. all of you need to leave the disability and the child fucking out of it. you have creepy eugenics mindsets about who should be allowed to have children. just because OP struggles physically and mentally doesn’t mean that she’s not perfectly capable of taking care of a baby.

    CLEARLY she can’t work rn, because she has a literal infant, but you have no idea if she would be able to get a job to support her child in the future, if the dad will help support, if other family members are helping support.

    but bottom line is that the child is already fucking born. you people meed to realize that the problem is a lack of social support systems and not individuals with disabilities themselves.

    you people disgust me.

  20. If you're worried she'll hurt herself or she tells you she will, police do wellness checks and will make sure she's ok on your behalf, don't get trapped by any pleadings or what ifs, their an adult, everything your capable of they are capable of, you staying only buries your life under their bullshit as well ,if they need help, there's many avenues for them to get it themselves through therapy and what not

  21. Dang broski, think she wants a guilt free pass at another man. On realz might be kinda over, if she wants to experience other dudes. But who am I but a lurker on Reddit, so what’s best for you! Not her ! You! Good luck!✌🏾

  22. “The memory of the white man is the white paper”

    If you want to give it another try: get yourself a nice dog calendar. And write in every time she takes you out (and pays).

    It is easy to scam a man with a memory who won't retain long term information.

  23. I have a sinking feeling that he may in fact actually be “dada”. No woman freaks out like that when her partner says he wants to reduce hours to spend more time with the kids, thats a mother's dream, especially if you arent in any immediate financial trouble. Get a paternity test.

  24. Unfortunately changing the hair color on a picture is easily done by any a mature these days. The photo may not be authentic at all and you have some weird person doing their damnest to break you up.

  25. If she got upset that you didn’t accept her apology straight away, then she wasn’t sorry. She was just saying whatever you wanted to hear, to get you to shut up and drop the subject. If she were genuinely remorseful, she wouldn’t just apologize – she would actually take accountability. That means no shifting blame, no making excuses, and no demanding that you accept her “sorry” and get over it. A genuinely remorseful person wouldn’t even expect you to accept their apology at all…and they wouldn’t equate an acceptance of their apology with forgiveness (which is a totally separate issue).

    The fact that she hurt you by crossing a boundary, and couldn’t even muster a genuine apology, is incredibly telling.

  26. You were stupid for leaving your phone behind.

    You were stupid to expect him to pay when you literally screwed him over.

    In fact you lead a lifestyle that is begging for more stupid.

    Just that kind of person.

  27. Imagine this is the rest of your life. Can you stomach 40+ more years of a marriage like this? It's not like you haven't communicated the problem. You're not expecting him to read your mind. His lack of change speaks volumes. He either bait and switched you (pretended to be an affectionate person when he wasn't) or he lost interest in you beyond having sex with you.

    You didn't want to marry someone like that. I would argue this marriage is now a sham and therefore your obligation to stay in it is next to zero. Ask for a separation.

  28. Yeah man I get it. I had an ex who said I was gay for watching UFC. Her take was stupid. I even told her martial arts helped me quit drinking and smoking weed and helped me get out of depression. Martial arts is a way of life. Talk about being a fucking idiot of a woman.

  29. Do you need to tell them? Genuine question. And if so then it sounds like you’ll need to sit down with them and explain the reasoning calmly and factually

  30. It's not his stuff. Under no circumstance let him near or around your property for any reason. Block him and his family and get that restraining order before serious violence occurs.

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