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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. Listen. In many cases, people can get back from psychosis. I know this is tough, but you sound like a wonderful person and I’m sure you and your daughter will be able to make it through. We don’t choose these things in life but we do choose to confront them. Remember that pain is temporary. You will feel good again eventually, she will be better if given the help she needs.

    If you need to stay away from her, stay away for your own sake. But do not abandon her.

    I’ve lived with close family being schyzophrenic for years and it is all I can say. It will be better OP and you are strong

  2. The sex therapist will be able to assert that and from OP's post it's fair to say there's nothing physically wrong. I've witnessed doctors colluding with the woman and normalising her low libido. A sex therapist or therapist experienced in this area will help them find the passion again without the sex. Once the passion is found, and there is a physical problem, the woman will voluntarily go to the GP.

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