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Date: October 10, 2022

50 thoughts on “Max Gen And Alpan the hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I know it’s not much of a bright side.. but I’m glad you found out now before you two built a life together. Wishing you the best in your recovery

  2. Guilt tripping is a means of emotional manipulation. She may or may not even be aware that she's doing it. This is a situation in which an objective third party, such as a therapist, could really help.

  3. It sounds like she liked you when you worked together, then she went to school, life happened, and now she’s meh about it. Don’t drive yourself crazy. Wait for her to contact you. Don’t overthink anything, and don’t be desperate.

  4. I don't blame you. And I wouldn't be able to do 6 months with my parents or my in laws either they can rent somewhere close by.

    I wouldn't be comfortable having guests for that long when we can communicate perfect, let alone when there's a language barrier.

  5. he says he's not that person anymore.

    Oh right. That's ok then 🙄

    What heinous thing would he actually have to do for you to report him?

    You know, if he couldn't get off to you, he's probably imaging them when you have séx.

  6. You’re right, I’ve been having a nude time with anxiety lately so I think I’ve just manifested some sort of anxiety monster in my head. Thank you for the advice!

  7. Turn him loose to find that 20 something partner. While he is out looking, get out there and on-line the best life ever. You are in the prime of your life. You will have no problem finding suitors who will appreciate you for who you are.

  8. Technically? Technically she cheated on you? She literally fucking cheated on you.

    If this is legit, my question is, is why aren't you running like the wind as far away from her as you can?

  9. If anyone is dumb enough to assume a recessive gene HAS to be there or it isn’t their kid, shouldn’t be having a kid.

  10. You're not even together and he already sounds controlling and insecure.What makes him think he has the right to know all that? Doesn't he have a life? Doesn't he know you do? Sounds too immature for a relationship.

  11. First comment here, gets in an argument with me and then immediately blocks me. I don't think my question was asking for a lot

  12. He said he doesn't care about your feeling and never has.

    He told you all you need to know about him in that sentence. Why are you trying to stay in a relationship with him?

  13. It’ll eventually get to the point when she says “this is my bed, I bought it! Get out!”. If I don’t leave the bed, she’ll start ripping the blankets off me until I leave the bedroom.

    That's not normal behaviour. None of it is normal or reasonable.

    Is there any reason you'd want to stick around to put with that kind of behaviour?

  14. I know it feels like there's alot going on right now. And I'm kinda lazy so I'm not gonna make this a whole thing or whatever.. BUTTT your hubby told you he was attracted to Sam because he wanted you to feel more safe. It's a dumb tactic we do when we're so sure we'll never cheat with someone, we think it's OK to tell you their attractive because in our heads it's just never going to happen. Obviously that makes things worse..

    But secondly, like I said it looks like a lots going on, and your feeling alot of things, but there's no texts or actions between them and it seems like it'd be in your best interest to act accordingly.

  15. Contact the professor you do research assistance work for. That professor should know who to contact to get Wendy some help.

  16. What I said may sound harsh, but I experienced a man who I dated for 3 years and he was everything I respected and loved. We didn’t on-line together before we married. After we married, he changed somewhat slowly into a different self. He eroded into a bully. His choices became the priority before me. I was devastated but kept thinking that it was temporary, since his mother died right after we married. And it didn’t stop. After 2 years of marriage, I left him after he raped me. He literally did it when I said no and wasn’t ready. It hurt. It hurt. So be really observant about whether this was a crack in his manufactured visage…. Context: My ex was 13 years older than I and I was a 10 to his 6 in looks. If I could go back in time, I would tell my 20 yo self to make a list of absolute deal breakers for me in a relationship and stick to them as boundaries. I did not deserve to be treated like property. You don’t, either.

  17. Girl get off that lease! You’ll be responsible for anything that happens to that house after you leave. Why risk it? Once you’re all moved out tell him you’re removing your name and then wash your hands of this man.

  18. Your sexual history is your business. You don't have to tell her anything that you don't want to, especially if it happened nearly a decade ago.

    The word “hooker” is considered offensive to a lot of sex workers.

  19. “I lied to protect her” from what? Feelings of suspicion and doubt raised by your choices? Make better choices. Stop lying. Stop trying to get away with shit you're not supposed to do. If you had been following the club rules you wouldn't have been secreted in a corner with your phone out doing shit you'd later lie about. Think about the potential consequences of your actions before you commit to them.

  20. At some point, if it's becoming a more committed relationship, she should tell him. Sex work is a deal breaker for some people and he has a right to choose if that's something he wants to have in the record of his life.

    That said, this is just another thing that says, the best path forward is to reveal nothing and end the relationship.

    Don't date people you work with. It's never worth the drama, especially if you have secrets that could really harm your life, like a history of sex work.

  21. This.

    And seriously anyone who thinks Tate is “right” is delusional. His underlying mantra is basically a womans only value is her attractiveness, virginity (which as a man you deserve to take at any point), and her ability to do act and say what she’s told to by her man.

    His hyper masculine toxic nonsense is an insult to women, men, and Islam.

  22. Both Bob and Alice sound toxic. You need a new friend group. Nothing you said was rude or out of bounds. Alice comes across as the type who thrives off of drama and lacks respect.

    I’m curious why Bob convinced your wife that you’re abusive? Were you? Need more details to offer advice or insight.

    From what you’ve shared, my suggestion is to ask Alice why she would ask you to be a part of the wedding and then invite someone she had to have known played a part in your failed marriage.

  23. This 38 year old woman has been there before… many times and many times I went about it wrong and got stuck for many more years…

    You ghost him: block him on everything, change your number , leave only a note explaining briefly why you left and that you want zero contact or will get a restraining order (so that he doesn't feign to friends/family/police that youre missing or youve been kidnapped so that they contact you for him) and then thats it. Then you do not ever relent or look back. You have to be as boring and inaccessible as possible, have witnesses around you if possible, always. Why?

    Well, leaving is dangerous with these ones. Im sure again you say but Why?

    Read into BPD and the other cluster b personality disorders like NPD and APD. This is textbook — its what they all do. An endless push and pull, “I love you so much! I hate you, you're the worst! Fuck you… no please dont leave me — Ill do anything!”. Trust me, it wont stop or get better and it'll take years of therapy to see any improvement. This comes from trauma as a child. You cant fix it so get out while you can. The endless manipulations also never stop. You have to trust me, this is the best way to get away cleanly.

    Make sure you warn any mutual aquiantences that you want absolutely nothing told to you about him nor to him about you or you will also cut contact with them. Be ready to mean it. Be ready for restraining orders and moving away and taking steps to ensure he can not get your address. Its nude but its possible. And fyi, they almost never actually follow thru with the self dying. Its a manipulation tactic that works on most with codependency. That said, if for some reason you can't make a clean break and he gets through your wall and he plays that card, thats when you inform the police and let them handle it. That way your conscious in clean and thr manipulation wont work. It also usually clears it up once and for all!

    Good luck and let me know if you need any other tips. Im a pro at this shit!

  24. Um, he FOLDS the living room blankets. That’s a lot!!! The corners totally crease right and that’s nude work

  25. Oh I get it, I was wondering why you posted in here because youve already resolved the issue appropriately.

    Your friends are probably making you doubt yourself. Don't. You did the right thing.

    Tell the 18 year old to get back to you when he's 25 lol.

  26. You realize these four babies are going to grow up to people? With needs? And hunger? And desires? Goddamn you’ve condemned these four children to a miserable existence

  27. Girl you are nineteen years old, y'all have been together for all of six months, and he doesn't trust you. Go on the damn trip.

  28. Just flat out tell her. There’s no good or soft way to tell someone their spouse had unprotected sex with another person and got them pregnant, so just tell her before it gets worse.

    And do better!

  29. She sent you that to get you to feel awful about yourself and try to get you to feel repulsed by your relationship. It’s a manipulative thing that I have heard shitty humans like to do. I’m sorry you have to deal with such a toxic bitch.

    As for what do you do, do you want to stay in the relationship? Can you get over this? It’s completely understandable to say no. Have you discussed this with your bf?

  30. Just a few question if it’s too personal i understand not answering .

    Do you feel any type of animosity of not being with someone you’re 100% attracted too, or is like your dream girl?

    Is your wife insecure about your type?

    I really really appreciate your input it definitely puts things into perspective for me. Where I grew up dark skin woman were not wanted at all, with a lot of working out I feel desirable but I guess my insecurity is him leaving.

  31. Your post are so sad but I hope its the truth & you are not trolling as it does look like from a novel.

    If its the truth then you are truly a man in novels as you have forgiven her many times of her infidelity. I would properly have kick her out asap.

    However I suggest you divorce her as she seems to use & abuse you (emotionally) as you are too kind & in love with her. Mind you she is not in love with you anymore (I doubt she is from the beginning as she cheated from the beginning too).

    You deserve a better woman than her. Please leave her & be happy. for once do something for yourself.

  32. I can’t say for sure, and you should talk to her and ask, but perhaps you’re not actually showing her to do love her. Saying you do and showing you do are two totally different things.

    Maybe her ‘love language’ or preference is physical touch? A hug and kiss and telling her you love her. Maybe gift giving, something (not always expensive) to show you were thinking of her whilst you were out and about. E.g. My husband bought me a mug he saw that was perfect for me; thin sipping edge, in porcelain, nice handle and feel to it with a print that was lovely. The thoughtfulness and the fact it was perfect for me is what mattered to me. It may be acts of service that work for her – do jobs! Share the household workload. Sometimes it’s just the simple things that matter and show we actually love and respect someone.

  33. Hopefully you went with the eye patch. Eyepatches are a thing and you’re likely to see someone rich with one than any other class. But get a nice eye patch.

  34. She’s the “sweetest person” until she lets the facade slip and you see who she really is. She’s the “sweetest person” after her words slip and she needs to get back into your good graces and regain her leverage. There’s nothing sweet about her

  35. Him being 30 minutes away, an refusing to see you while you literally couldn't walk then breaking up with you to see the other woman IS abuse

    You already know where their relationship is headed an the downward direction yours is

  36. I will never understand people who are like “I have a problem with my personality that I can describe perfectly. I've chosen not to do anything about it though and the problem I want to fix is: why can't I find someone who is affected negatively, on a daily basis, by my personality problem but will stay with me anyway?”

    Fix yourself OP, learn to control your abusive behaviour, and stop expecting women to suffer your company just because you like being around them. You are currently not capable of love because while you may feel like you love this woman you are choosing to harm her because there is a net benefit for you. That's disgustingly selfish. Love is much, much more than a feeling and you have a lot of work to do on yourself before you'll understand that.

  37. She would lie to keep someone around who is paying the bills.

    Get the hell out of there man. You are drowning in red flags. I would honestly be shocked if she hasn't been cheating on you.

    More importantly, there's a toddler that's bonding with you more and more every day that you're there. This relationship is going to end badly and it's only going to get worse and worse for the little guy the longer this drags on.

    BTW, I don't want to blame the victim here, but never move in with someone after just 3 months. You need a lot more time to figure out if she's a cheater, which this one is.

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