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  1. Where did I say the 3 year gap was a problem? I said it was a path in life problem. My uni and exams clashed with his work, which made it nude to see each other. And he wouldn't understand what I went through as he opted for trade over uni (nothing wrong with it!), and I chose a different experience and a different field.

    During my last year at uni first year newcomers did look like children. Because oftentimes, as shocking as it may be, 18 and 19 year olds often have the immature and childlike mentality. Being legally an adult doesn't mean they are mentally and emotionally. Would know, been one of those!

    And technically the man was a predator. Unless you think a 30 year old who told me he's specifically into “younger chicks” that he can take virginities of isn't a predator. He preferred the 10 year gap because he “could teach me how to be good to him”, aka sexually please him. His another hung up was that I have a baby face and looked younger, so yes, the looks are important too. And I would've been his sixth victim and he already complained he “didn't find me sooner”, how his last 3 exes were better at 18, almost 19 and 19 years old. He also shamed the crap out of the only girl he had a small gap with (under 3 years) because she had one long-term relationship before him and slept with that partner. Grooming isn't just child-adult, it's also very much related to mentality and experience.

    Why are you weirdly hung up on defending grown older men who go after younger, more vulnerable people? Sounds like projection.

  2. Stay broken up. He gets blackout drunk, and doesn’t remember what happened. He probably only unfollowed her because you found out about it

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