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Date: September 26, 2022

9 thoughts on “❀ Wolfy and Foxy ❀ / the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Your mother is a giant asshole. I suggest you cut her from your life. Really want to piss her off say you are an atheist and it's all thanks to her.

  2. Do not invest anymore of of your time or allow space in your head or heart for this married person. If they are truly unhappy in their current relationship, they would not stay. You are entertainment for them, a way to pass the time. Speaking as a woman who was dumb enough to let myself believe and be lead on by a married man (not proud of it, please don’t come for me in the comments!), stop engaging.

    Your person, the right person, is not locked in a marriage they have no plan for leaving. And if and when they do, nine times out of ten, they won’t leave and then come to you.

  3. I'm 35 and my fiance is 28. I don't feel even a little bit weird about it. I think this automatic judgement based on reading the number of people's age on reddit is blatantly idiotic and toxic. I've known 35 year olds that were mature, successful and self assured. But there are some like me, who are far less mature, didn't really plan for the future, and don't really understand themselves. I've known twenty year olds for whom this also applies.

    People's maturity and development is such a huge variable, that without judging on a case by case basis, or at least having seen the people, no meaningful judgement can be made.

    I mean in your case, if it felt creepy to you, you're probably right that it wouldn't have been a good call to carry on with the relationship. But if you had and were happy together, I think people who would try to cast aspersions on your character based purely on that age gap are kind of assholes, to be honest.

  4. No brother/sister dynamic would care about whether the other wants kids or not. Or about university/long distance. Sounds like the dude wanted more.

  5. Abortion is healthcare. Do the right thing for this unborn child. It doesn’t deserve this chaos and neither do you.

  6. Something to kerp in mind. Her going to get super drunk in clubs tests her reaction to alcohol much more than her fidelity. Depending on person alcohol can make someone act and do things they wouldn't ever do sober.

    There is obvious problem here. Now that she knows she can't reliably control her actions while drunk, will she continue going to clubs drinking?

    You should raise this point with her. If she acknowledges she can't be trusted while drunk, and therefore will not do so in uncertain environment, I would forgive her in your position.

    Of course, if she would ignore it and continue drunk partying, you need to break up.

  7. My wife and I have the same dynamic. I try and help out with chores, and it makes her feel like she is not doing enough, so she criticizes. If I don't try and help out she will feel overwhelmed.

    The trick is not to take it personally. What worked for us is a more defined division of labor. I will do floors, bathroom, pots/pans and yard work. If I see her falling behind on her stuff, I let her get to it on her own time. If it bothers me, I will always ask if she would like a hand before touching anything.

    Its helped a bit.

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