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Date: September 26, 2022

10 thoughts on “❤️??????❤️ the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Why have you not cut off contact with her, blocking her on all platforms? Do that, and you will be on your way to a healthier mind.

  2. He can sober up alone, or be drunk either with you or without you.

    You are enabling him and not helping him because you always take him back and give him “one more chance”.

    Your child is being harmed by this relationship and you need to focus on your child's health more than you need to focus on the man-child you keep trying and failing to help. Please focus on your daughter and yourself. You have enough on your plate.

    Never set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. Now do what you know is right for yourself and your daughter. Block him and go NC for good. that's the Christmas present you could give him.

  3. Your response was nicer than mine would have been. Have a conversation to manage expectations and to communicate openly. If she cannot respect that…you have your answer

  4. Sounds like from her perspective the relationship has been slowly dying for a very long time now, she's already been grieving the end for months now, she's been dealing with the emotions you're experiencing now bit by bit since July and has had a lot of time to process and come to conclusion that your relationship is over. The fact that she doesn't feel anything for ending it this way is sucky though, sorry.

  5. I can't understand how he has the nerve to be mad. What did he expect to happen. You pull his jeans down, find what's NOT there and just carry on? You can be as accepting as hell but in this circumstance that waw not what you signed up for…

  6. Choices and rights stop when it runs over somebody else’s bodily autonomy.

    Whoever is carrying the pregnancy chooses to terminate or not. There’s a lot of complications, but at it’s core there’s a simple core right that nobody has control over another’s body and medical decisions.

  7. I think there is your answer. Your own body is telling you that it doesn’t feel comfortable and happy around him. Listen to your gut feeling and tell him that he had his chance but that you will not have your feelings played with.

    Don’t stay in touch with him because he will no doubt start to love bomb you and guilt you into giving him another chance. But rest assured, in a few months time he will do the same again.

    You deserve better.

  8. Why stop after cuming just once? Could take some pressure and frustration out of it.

    This is what my younger FWB and I do ?

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