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Date: September 18, 2022

12 thoughts on “(, っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ spivi ♥ (subscribe O N L Y F A N $/ F A N $ L Y for 9.99$ ) the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Yeah, this is all a clear sign I just need to stop drinking altogether because I clearly don’t know my limits. I’m not excusing any of the behaviour I’ve done tonight. I’ve been horrible, and now as I’m sobering up, wide awake and still can’t sleep, it’s only now I’m realising more and more just how awful I was tonight. God, I wish I could turn back time and just not be so stupid. I’m hurting so bad because I’ve hurt him. I know all I can do is apologise but I can’t stop crying thinking about how stupid I was.

  2. You were not grown, grown women see red flags in dudes who are dating so young. He is a man-child and you were too immature and “in love” to see it. You were groomed, accept it, move on, and be better.

  3. The other unfortunate thing is because of the financial situation she ends up back at her alcoholic parents

  4. Off the bat, my advice would be to let it go and start the process of moving on. I actually started to elaborate as to why, but then realized it honestly isn’t necessary, because you have the ability to get your answer immediately regardless of my or anyone else’s opinion.

    Let’s put things into perspective here; you describe this person as your “soulmate” but you’re afraid to shoot your shot out of fear of rejection. If you get rejected, then she’s not your soulmate.

    After that, you’re putting the cart way before the horse if she says yes. Those questions will get answered by you two talking about it. Good luck.

  5. I mean your already a scammer, cheating on your bf wouldn’t be a surprise,

    Although for your own health I suggest you really think about your life choices

  6. I wasn't defending his reasons. I think this dude is a POS for agreeing to have a child with OP until she actually had the child and then decided he didn't want it. I was just saying that OP had provided his reasons.

  7. Perhaps his answers are “shallow” because he sees you worried and wants to be a source of reassurance. Both of the examples you gave look like supportive reassurance.

    I think that finding a way to make it clear that you're engaging in conversation rather than expressing worries and concerns will be a huge paradigm shift for you. I turned it into a game for my partner, taking turns asking questions at least once per day. After the “whats your favorite food?” and “where was your best vacation to?” questions ran out, we were forced to dig deeper.

    I purchased the “Let's Get Deep” card game from What Do You Meme, and its been great for generating conversation with my partner. We used to lean heavily on it, needing to pick about 10-15 cards to get us through a 2 hour phone call (long distance relationship), but now we do maybe 2-5 cards a WEEK, because the questions lead naturally into so many follow-up conversations.

  8. It’s too easy on Reddit to think of the possible bad scenarios going on. His behavior does create questions, but I don’t see any indication from the woman’s texts that there was anything nefarious. From her tone, she seemed upbeat and notified him to what’s going on. If it was in response to him making a move on her or something like that, I think she would’ve had a different tone. Plus be dishonest on top of that? If she felt the need to lie, why notify him at all? What he said seems plausible, he probably said something she didn’t like and he was worried about the repercussions. And there are many things he might’ve said in bad taste that aren’t cheating related at all.

  9. Hey man. It's okay to change. Your wife should want you to be happy if she really cared about you. You've turned into her slave. Time to hit reset. Trucking sounds like a great way to get out of your situation. You've been trying for years. You've done your part. How many more years do you really want to do this? You're going to die some day.

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