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  1. CHILD protective services (CPS) does not give a rats ass about you.

    HOWEVER, if you are disabled, you could contact your local adult protective services.

  2. I'd suggest asking when he's scheduling the appointment to get checked. This is probably a medical issue and pointing out the next step is a relatively gentle push to get him moving.

  3. Date someone else that is a quality guy. He’s not changing.

    He is fine just blaming you and it hasn’t driven you away.

  4. There is absolutely no way for a man to truly know how to get his woman off without honest feedback.… obviously, this should go both ways in an intimate relationship… the bedroom is not a place to be shy. There is nothing shy about someone else shoving a body part inside of you, so speak up. Sex is the ultimate intimate act so if you don’t feel comfortable, even talking to the person you’re having sex with in my opinion, you should not be having sex with that person.

  5. This is really good advice and I appreciate it. I did start going at 5am instead of in the afternoon, but I think one of the people I've bothered must go twice a day, because I also see them at 5am… Or i disturbed them so much they changed their time to get away from me, but now I just look like a stalker. Meh.

  6. The reason I moved out with him right after high school was bc I didn’t come from the greatest home life. I love my mom to death but she has mental issues and was extremely hard to deal with and she is on a fixed income so she is poor so either way I was gonna half to pay my share of rent, so I figured just get my own place. Now, my mom is actually sleeping on her fathers couch because she got herself in trouble and had to move out of her apartment. My dad has a new family and I mean he said he would let me, it’s just 3,000 miles away. I would feel so bad about myself. I have a whole apartment and 3 cats. The only other options are to kick him out, get my mom across the country somehow , or figure out how to pay all the bills alone. I could do it if I got a really good paying job but people on indeed need to start answering me lol.

  7. I don’t actually have a bidet because I’m scared of breaking the toilet in my apartment because every screw and bolt is…well I don’t wanna be the one to strip em and then make it a whole thing. But in this case I thought it was an appropriate suggestion.

  8. Anger is the right emotion to have (as long as it doesn't become debilitating). What you do is congratulate yourself for no longer being with this loser. You're allowing this new information to open old wounds and that's not necessary. If you're not already in therapy to cope with your “depressive state” you need to get there immediately. Relitigating something you've already escaped from isn't helpful.

  9. I can’t remember exactly how, but a close friend was texting their husband spicy photos. When she brought it up later he was really confused and even proved he was somewhere he wasn’t able to have his phone when she received the texts. I’m not sure if someone duped his number or what, but the person she was texting was NOT her husband. Made me sick to my stomach… it’s so creepy and gross.

    This may not be what happened but throwing it out there just in case

  10. I am the ex wife who got screwed once my husband started dating someone…

    Someone needs to tell your girlfriend that uts literally none of her business. That's the risk you take getting involved with a married dude who hasn't closed out his situation yet.

    Don't screw over your wife. Read the laws and you will see that is not fine.

    Next time you need to be all the way closed out before getting at all serious with someone new. Luke hello of course this would go this way.

  11. I've said the same to him, conflicts will arise but we need to overcome them together. Relationships are a two way battle, we're both trying to do the best for our partner, and it shouldn't always be me who is putting in the work. We are against the problem, not against each other. He said he understood but the incident repeated again.

    That's what I've been conflicted with. I kept thinking, I can't go on like this, I must end it. I know I'll be ending it someday or the other. But a part of me was still confused. I believe this would be under lovebombing? Because he showers me with love and suddenly when a fight happens he does this.

    Currently he's still spamming and messaging me. Today I was working and he kicked me out of my account because I refused to let him work with me on it. This is the last straw for me.

  12. Just be patient and give them time, for now, know that it was probably a good thing you weren't together. You weren't bad for them at all it seems.

  13. Haha I meant with hair all over the place. I always make sure it's washed and clean and she has assured me she doesn't mind. I believe her because she'll do it spontaneously sometimes, but like I said it's sad she can't see it's the same way for me

  14. Wait you not only had sex w your sons friend, but you missed your sons major events to fuck his friend? You missed his birthday and then lied to him about it? You never even attempted to fix anything you just let the relationship die. Man he basically grew up w no parents

  15. Please. I agree for some couples, this is not viewed as cheating but as it is quite uncommun, it is up to the one doing it to ask if it is ok for partner (and before doing it). Moreover, as he agreed he does not want you doing it, it means he knew from the begining it was not ok for him to do it.

    If you are not ok with your boyfriend cheating on you, you are just wasting your time here.

  16. Lol sounds like he’s setting up justifications for a one night stand with you.

    Seems a bit weird that people still have to justify this stuff but is what it is.

    He’s definitely interested, just playing high school ‘cool’ about it.

    Sounds like a bit of a tool though NGL. Hope he has sex better than he can chat up for your sake.

  17. This person doesn’t sound like he’d even be a friend of yours the way you talk about him, much less someone you’d date.

    I’m big on the belief that the person you’re dating should also be one of your best friends and think most successful relationships follow this. Someone you can always have a good time and grow with, that you genuinely like being around, not just enjoy romantically and intimately. All of my previous relationships I am still on great terms with them years later.

    This isn’t just one particular ‘Ick’, you listed several. And many of them are a lot more than just the ‘Ick’

    Aside from the ick, it looks like just your very basic values and morals are completely different and even opposite. It’s one thing having different interests, opinions, and personalities, but there’s got to be some type of shared foundation if you will, which it seems is clearly lacking here.

    The things you dislike about him aren’t going to change, and you can’t allow yourself to stay w him out of guilt. That’s not fair to either of you. You are so young, do you want this to be your future? You say he’s a nice guy and loyal, but there are many ppl out there w those qualities, you don’t have to settle because he’s a nice guy. Also, don’t allow your past failures and fear of them control you.

    Maybe you should have ended it earlier, and maybe you’ve dug yourself a hole, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck in there forever. And the longer you stay, the deeper it gets. I think deep down you already know all this, and feel guilty, but that doesn’t mean punish yourself forever by staying with him. It’s not normal to use the word repulsion when describing your feelings about the person you’re supposed to be in love with. No one likes break ups, but it looks like it’s time for you to just deal with it. If not for you, do it for him, because no matter his flaws and your ick, at the end of the day you’re really not being fair to him. As much as you may think your trying not to hurt him, you are by not giving him the respect of being honest with him and the chance to find someone else.

  18. Might be a good idea to ask your therapist actually, as they have a better perspective than those of us on reddit.

    My advice would be to just have whatever contact you want with your parents, but be upfront and transparent about it. If he gets pissy tell him it's non-negotiable, and remind him that he's incredibly fortunate that you are giving him another chance in the first place.

    Also, if your husband ever falls off the wagon again just leave him. He treats you like dogshit. It's a wonder you haven't left already.

  19. I generally don't tell him if someone was flirting with me unless it is extreme and I felt unsafe. I don't reciprocate flirting so there id no point telling him and causing a problem. I usually will just leave the pub if someone is being overly flirty with me or I will ignore them and go to another area of the bar.

  20. I love you, but I will no longer tolerate being your emotional punching bag. You say things to intentionally hurt me, and I try very hard never to do that to you. When you choose to say the most hurtful thing you can think of in the moment, you are being abusive. I do not abuse you, and I will not let you abuse me anymore. Please get therapy to come up with better communication tools, or I will have to leave this situation.

  21. You need to dig deeper. She is trickle-truthing you. Cheaters will do that. More than what she says.

  22. This is a grown man scrolling through your instagram followers asking you to remove random guys who have done nothing but commit the crime of being single while following you.

  23. “Why would a 34 year old man, in a relationship with a 4 year old child, decide to go on holiday by themselves? ”

    I take two weekend-long camping trips for myself every year. Just me on a lake for 3 days. Sometimes you just need to hit the pause/skip button in life. It's overwhelming.

    And before anyone jumps down my throat, my partner takes a few weekends a year for herself as well.

  24. It seems like he knew all along. That he gaslighted you and made you feel like you were crazy and jealous as well as controlling. Then when you were no longer resisting him crossing all these boundaries he's springing these feelings on you and when you adjust to that he ups the anty of how strong the feelings are. He's known all along and it seems to me he may be trying to wear down your resolve and manipulate you into that thrupleship. Even if you were okay with polyamory, I'm not sure I'd stick around for this. I'd also be real curious about what's in those messages because this doesn't seem at all one sided.

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