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  1. Honestly I personally believe it's b.s. “expectations that come with dating”. Like what? Honestly it just sounds like an excuse to do whatever he wants with no repercussions under the guise of “well we weren't dating”. If you both are truly exclusive like you say, then the label shouldn't matter. If it does matter to him, there's a reason he doesn't want to “date” you. Which is probably to get intimacy when he wants but not have to have the responsibility to treat you like an actual girlfriend.

    I don't know anything about either of you, but this is a major red flag to me. If he wanted to be committed to you he would be. So give him the choice to be with you or walk away, it's that simple. Unless of course it doesn't bother you to just keep screwing around and not have a label on it, then please continue.

  2. Why do y’all always shit out like this in the original post ? It’s starting to have me thinking y’all only say this to get sympathy when y’all get called out

  3. You never do it while you're in a relationship, but when you're flirting with someone you're not in a relationship so personally it stops here for me. If I'm flirting with someone and learned that this person has threesome even during that flirting time I would stop everything even tho we werent official yet, but thats only my opinion. If I were you I would tell her and would move out. Honesty is the key, and as soon as you have a partner, they should come before anything else, especially if you think she's the one.

  4. Bro, your friend found a girl. That’s about as normal as it gets. She’s not random to him, you just want things to stay as they were and that will never happen. Get used to it or get used to being uninvited to things.

  5. She came back because she sees you as the safe option, so basically she’s settling which is never good. She’s moving hella fast too if she already had you meet her kid. I’ve been there done that and the drama isn’t worth it, especially for someone so young. Be cautious having a savior complex man it can get you in some terrible situations. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  6. Yeah. You would think. But in my (very limited) experience, dudes just don’t seem to be very proactive about emotional topics.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t even think it’s a problem simply because she may not have brought it up, OR brought it up in a way that he realized that it was a problem. It’s not an excuse, but an explanation and starting point to improvement.

  7. Your boyfriend and your dad are being fucking assholes, and if your bf wants to act like a petulant child, he can take the bus like a child. And if he gets mad at you for making this post and tries to turn it around on you, dump the prick.

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  10. Sounds like a late night visit from your friendly neighborhood plug, dude. Or maybe the rando was just looking for another house and your man gave him directions..? I’m not saying I wouldn’t be weirded tf out if I were in your shoes bc that’s def some potentially sheisty nonsense, but there’s always the possibility that it could be totally benign.

    Him being defensive is strange, no doubt. Maybe it’s because of how you approached him about it, though..? I don’t know y’all or your dynamic, so please don’t think I’m saying you’re in the wrong for getting skeeved out and asking. ?

  11. It is not that freaking simple. Congratulations it worked for you. That doesn’t work for everyone else. This is what I hate about Reddit. Because it works for you, when someone else has a stance that’s different. They are wrong because you rode off into sunset singing awopbobaloobob, so clearly that person is the problem. Your situation isn’t for everyone. What works for you, sure as hell doesn’t work for everyone. Such a closed minded way to think. You need serious help if you’re gonna be projecting what may have worked for you as a way to judge people when they don’t do exactly what you do. That’s not your freaking call to make. And how dare you try to condemn someone because they aren’t doing it the way you have. Most of the BS on Reddit is nothing but people projecting. Right or wrong. Give unsolicited advice based on what the OP is asking not what you are doing or have done. Grow up. Bake yourself cookie and stop giving out closed minded advice. Happy New Year.

  12. Thanks, this is probably the best read on the situation. Sometimes you really do need to hear it from someone else.

  13. Well idk shit happened to me too and I have my personal biases cos I remember how it felt. But I feel there is a time and place to be honest blunt. You don't wanna lead him on sure. I kinda retreat to my friends. I feel maybe he needs atleast someone maybe even another guy to give him what he wants. Though I still feel a little sad for the guy involved. I just don't like the whole situationship thing either you are a friend or you are romantically involved. Being in the middle ground will always be unclear and would creat feelings of betrayal. Sigh just try to help him the best you can. If you have boundaries introduce him to people

  14. It’s really going to be on her, all you can do is offer to go for anger management classes and/or couples counseling. Then it’s on her to decide. If she hasn’t already, she should get individual counseling as well.

  15. How on earth am I arguing both sides? Explain. Please. I’d love to understand how you got that from anything I said.

  16. Woah, someone didn’t need the og post. I tried exploring things he liked and every time he shut me down. He doesn’t want me to enjoy sex, we did not have all it take because he saw me as less than him. So check the blame-y attitude. Plus maybe I don’t like watching porn with my partner you don’t know. There’s nuance to the situation

    It might be his trauma but I went to therapy to work through my SA and he should’ve as well because that’s what he lead me to believe before we started dating.

  17. Anyone who hurts you and then says you’re “hurting yourself” by thinking about what they said is trash. Your problem is not your vulva, it’s your dick (of a boyfriend).

  18. He is the type to love drama, and has caused a lot of it at my expense in the past.

    My boyfriend has a pretty big following,

    There’s no fucking way he posted it by accident. He posted it for the views and the attention he’s getting at your expense.

    Dump him.

  19. Yeah that’s what i was afraid of there is a lot missing.

    Like i said in the post there isn’t much more i’m willing to share I might just end up deleting this.

  20. Honestly it sounds like your friend was just straight up rude to your boyfriend on multiple occasions and only now is making any attempt to correct things. I don’t blame your boyfriend for not being open to mending the relationship; your friend had many chances to show basic respect and kindness to your partner and she didn’t. I wouldn’t want to give someone like that another chance, and I wouldn’t be thrilled about them continuing to be so close with my partner after they’d acted so rudely. As a trans person myself, your friend doesn’t get a pass on being an asshole just because they may have been struggling; plenty of us go through a similar struggle and manage to still show basic decency to others.

  21. Humans are animals with an innate drive to reproduce. If that weren’t the case, a lot fewer people would have children and way fewer than that would have multiple children.

    I’ll tell you this as a parent of 2 kids who were pretty much as good as kids can be: the unvarnished truth is that parenthood is really, really hard. Way harder in terms of the daily grind than you could ever imagine. I say this as an extremely fortunate person who had zero financial problems and a spouse who has always done far more than his fair share. My experience was a cushy as it gets, and it was still so, so very hot. It’s a situation that requires that you put someone else’s needs ahead of your own for decades, and there’s no real “reward” for your efforts. If you do a really good job, they leave! Too, they are heart-stoppingly expensive, and surprise expenses come up eternally.

    I think that people go into parenting with a lot of vague ideas about how much fun it will be & that it will just be this giant snuggle-love fest. It’s not that. Only have a kid if your rational (not reptilian-must-reproduce) brain thinks that the best possible allocation of your time, energy, and resources is raising another human being.

    As an aside, have you been paying attention to the predictions regarding climate change? That alone would make me extremely hesitant to have kids today.

  22. Yes, given the circumstances of the break up it was reasonable of him to doubt the pregnancy. When he assumed she would abort she didn't exactly dissuade him of that notion and never tried to contact him again after giving birth. There are no innocents (other than the children) here. Best advice has already been given, talk to a lawyer.

  23. You need to get out and stop giving her money. Your dad needs counseling to stand up to your mother

    She isn't going to get better all yoy can try and do is contain your exposure to it.


  24. I think this post would fit better on r/twoxchromosomes then on this sub.

    Specifically this sub is for people asking for relationship advice and your post seems to be more of a women empowerment storytime post. Nothing wrong with that, it just doesn't belong here.

  25. I don’t know that pretty ballsy. I just think she came home at 3 or 4 am and didn’t want him to know the time.

  26. I have no idea what I want at this point bc I feel so blindsided and caught in a whirlwind. I wish I never started talking to this guy now. Maybe I feel like he has certain traits that my husband lacks and that’s why I’m interested

  27. Honestly the title anyone is enough to break up with him. The rest of the post just added to he red flags. Only that really doesn’t matter is the age difference.

  28. But it’s been months, and I’ve tried getting him all sorts of hygiene products and educating him on what causes body odor and ways to prevent it. I hint at maybe jumping in the shower when we’re going to bed if he does smell.

    The way you describe this suggests that you haven't directly and explicitly told your partner that his BO is a serious problem in the relationship. Don't “hint” that he smells bad — tell him that he smells bad! It sounds like you've been communicating this to him indirectly. You need to communicate it directly.

  29. I'll start by saying you set your relationship boundaries, not other people. That said, as an adult I'd encourage you to view the situation through adult eyes. It's hard being a parent, especially a single parent, so many people get remarried when a spouse passes away. That doesn't mean they're replacing their former spouse as much as it's often seeking help, love, comfort…It's likely you're step mom and dad weren't trying to replace your mom as much as your dad was hoping she'd give you things he couldn't that maybe your mom brought to the table. I get that it was probably very confusing and upsetting for you but there was likely no malice in either of their actions.

    As an adult I think you should be willing to speak with them both and define the boundaries of the relationship you want with them and ask if they're okay with it. As an adult I don't think it's fair to force you to call her mom but perhaps there's something you could call her beyond her first name that reflects the role she's had in your life and would have in your child's life. As an adult she should also be willing to respect boundaries you have with respect to posting things about being your mom that you might find disrespectful to the memory of your actual mom.

    I'll share a little personal context here. For good or bad I have a kid with someone who has other kids. I'm not their replacement dad nor have I ever sought to be. Frankly we've reached a point where it's not too strong to say I hate most of her kids. With that said, the objective reality is that I've done far more for them than any of their bio-dads and been considerably better to them than their behavior has justified. In fact, one of her adult kids apologized to me a while back for their behavior because they realized that despite it all I did a lot for all of them that I didn't have too and arguably should not have given how they treated me.

    I'm telling you this because before you choose no contact, I hope you'll try to look back on how she treated you. While some “step” parents seek to replace a bio-parent and try to scrub the memory, some just try to be there for and do right by the kid(s), regardless of how they're treated.

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