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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Usually people who push for poly…. have found a target. The way she pushed for that one guy and the way she allowed him to talk down about you…. WOMEN HATE IT when someone talks down about their BF, unless its a man they are open to.

    Not saying she “did” anything. But she had a line up and was set to go in motion.

  2. Everyone covered the “relationship ” bit. As an older lady who had her kids right as I got into my 20s, focus on school. Finish school before you do anything else. Everything else will get in the way and you have PLENTY of time to really get living. Kids, wives, girlfriends, friends… don't let these things stop you from finishing school. Find a career that won't dominate your life and Everything will fall into place. If you find the one beforehand she'll wait and want what's best for you. She'll support you and you do the same for her.

  3. I have a feeling it was decided she would be a stay at home mom because he couldn't get anything done when they both worked from home during Covid due to having a baby and a preschooler underfoot. He couldn't handle the childcare, noise, and chaos that comes from little ones stuck at home 24/7 so she gets nominated to keep the kids out of his hair while he continues to work from home. Now the preschooler is in school but there's an active toddler. Obviously he is able to get his work done so she must be keeping the kid/s entertained. Now that he's the only one working from home it's so easy…

  4. I'm confused. Are they both single consenting adults? If yes, they can do whatever the fuck they want together. Why would your adult husband be upset about who his sister sleeps with??

  5. Yeah man, it sounds like this isn’t working for you.

    You need to communicate clear boundaries and then decide what to do if they aren’t respected. It’s not asking too much to have a general idea when your partner will be back. That’s not controlling.

    If you were demanding he share his location that’s demanding. If you were limiting him to specific uses or times he could use the car (that weren’t based on logistical needs but just because you felt like it) those things could be argued to be controlling. (Maybe)

    You are so young. Do not stay in relationships that don’t make you feel safe and happy and important. If this relationship doesn’t work that’s ok!

  6. It's not about 'still loving him' it's about having so much of your thought energy and your emotional energy directed at him, your past with him and your feelings about him (even if those feelings are negative). That is a clear indication of still being emotionally invested in someone.

  7. If a man I’ve tried to build a life with truly felt this way about me—all while I was embarrassing myself by subtly hinting at wanting a fucking ring—I would be absolutely mortified. Embarrassed as all fuck.

    Break the fuck up. For her. Don’t be such a coward. If you respect her at all, create a simple, respectful, mutual exit plan: 1) decide who takes full/split custody of the pets; 2) get out of the apartment lease when you both are able.

  8. I hate to say this man but, you’re feeling lonely now. And you’ll probably be feeling lonely for a while. You just got out of a relationship, things will feel weird. Let them feel weird, it sucks but you’ll start to see yourself feeling better and see how wrong that shit is.

  9. Why do you WANT to be friends with these people? They are not friends, real friends would completely cut the two of them off and never speak to them again let alone invite them over to places they know you will be.

  10. So she has never in the time you have been married communicated with you about things that are troubling her and what changes she needed? You haven't noticed her slowly pulling away and distancing herself from you? Going to counseling now when she has had enough and wants to leave is not trying to fix your marriage. The time to fix things was when she first told you what she needed from you and every other time she expressed her feelings. No, the marriage ending is not on her head but on yours for ignoring her needs and burying your head in the sand about the issues. If you really cared about her you would have addressed the problems when she first brought them up.

  11. Correct. Is this the love of your life?? You don’t believe it.

    And if you are not compatible why wasting more time. It will never be better only worse.

    Tell her this. But waiting so long she wasted your time.

  12. As a monogamous guy that tried poly/enm for a year when she decided she couldn't be monogamous anymore (I was her first monogamous relationship really, and she was able to do it for 3 years), I second this. You have fundamentally different views, and that's OK, but neither of you are going to be happy.

  13. Yeah but then he could say that someone is using his photos or his account got hacked.

    I say create a fake Tinder account, send messages confirming that it's him, set up a meeting location and show up.

  14. I wouldn't put a lot of money on this going well if she's telling you to “make her fall back in love”.

    What does she have to change? It takes two to have arguments.

  15. Honestly it might be the second option. I’m thinking he doesn’t actually want kids and he’s just giving me a road block.

  16. OP, when he ‘travels for work’ where does he stay? Do you stay in touch when he is gone? I have a gut feeling that your husband has a second life completely hidden from you.

  17. “In the future’ and ‘soon’ are not the answers I need. I do not need a proposal this instant, but I do need you to speak honestly and openly to me. What does ‘soon’ mean, exactly? Will we be married by 2025 or by next Tuesday? I need details.”

  18. It scares me how little US healthcare does before giving women BC.

    They tested me down to the bone before I got mine, not a single problem, tons of advantages.

    She should change pills, get a better obgyn or both

  19. If he’s bringing discussion back to class topics then sounds like he’s not interested, or sits next to u because you’re smarter than him

  20. When looking at your posts, you need to really let go of shot and have less stress for you. My god your hair… He is super stressed and it is affecting both of you and if he can’t on-line and get passed some of your problems ( cheating , taking Oxus obtained illegally, etc) then you two need to go your separate ways.

  21. Butterflies = uncertainty / excitement / nervousness re reciprication and if things will keep going well etc. You shouldn't still be uncertain in a long term relsationship, you should feel relaxed & safe. If you still have butterflies after a year its usually because the person is unrelabile or fails to commit so you are still “thrilled' evertime you see them.

    Uncertainty and excitement is ok in the begining but should replaced by trust & familiarity.

  22. She’s right to block you, you reek of insecurity. She’s done nothing to make you question her and yet you want her to upturn her life for you.

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