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  1. This story makes me wish he would watch The Song of the Sea. It’s an amazingly heart wrenching Irish animated movie with a heck of a lot of similarities to this story.

    The dad in that film never take about his wife but the result is the same for the kids.

  2. She didn't talk about the children and being a mom?

    If she wants a place on her own then she should get a place on her own and not bother you. Date 6 months to get to know her before making any stupid decisions that could traumatize you for the rest of your life

  3. So… As a 40 yo woman you engaged in predatory behavior -because let's be realistic, it is- with a 18 year old, who was also your son's only friend?

    And not only you don't feel guilty about it, you were HAPPY your son went away so you could keep fucking him and betray your son without having to hide it?

    You're an horrendous mom and a terrible person. I cannot even fathom how your son has the strength and will to call you to try and talk to you, because you do NOT deserve to talk to your son again. He deserved a good family, even if he only had one parent, and not only you did the exact contrary, but you're also being an ass about it and keep thinking you were in the right and not giving a fuck about your son.

    Let's also talk about how weird and amoral it is for a grown ass, fully adult woman WITH A SON THAT IS ALMOST TWENTY to sleep with a teenager ?. “But we love each other” my ass. That is fully the behavior of a predator.

    You disgust me. I hope your son tells you that he has no reason to want to contact you again and that you're officially out of his life.

    You're a disgusting human being.

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