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Date: September 21, 2022
Actors: DaisyVibes

27 thoughts on “Adalline

  1. That makes sense.

    I would never want to do that to her.

    I'm sorry if I came off like a dick earlier I don't do well with communicating when highly anxious and often times I don't come out as coherent as I'd like.

    The main issues I have are related to feeling like she tries very naked to look attractive when going out at work events and I always feel like with me I'm second fiddle when it comes to that area. She's great in all other areas but it feels like a friendship sometimes compared to how she is with work functions.

    Part of the reason I gravitated toward male experiences in my mind was I always found they made an effort to make me feel wanted vs with her I kind of feel like she wants sex but it's more like I'm just there to do everything and she isn't much into getting me into things if that makes any sense.

    I don't intend on working through the sexuality stuff with her, especially with the input it may make things worse, I guess my trust issues previously are still present and there's just a lot going on and I can't relax during these types of interactions so it's easier to fly solo and just focus on her during things, but I'm aware that bothers her so obviously I'd like to fix it.

    I'll take your perspective and keep it in mind should my hunch be wrong.

  2. I don't care if y'all were off and on. She could have spread her legs for anyone but she did it with your BF? That's out of revenge..

    As far as your friend, let's be honest, bros before hoes is only when it's convenient for many.

    But it's also fucked up because sge allowed him to remain close to her. If she was motivated by revenge once, you got yo ask yourself, after other big fights, did that feeling of revenge come back?

  3. he’s actually got a reason to shave it now i asked why he’s doing it and if it wasn’t for that reason, he said he’d do what i am happy with so jokes on u

  4. Wait, your best friend slept with your girlfriend??? I think you mean to say YOU slept with your best friend’s girlfriend.

  5. You need fo be honest. My mom used to call me all the time and demanded too much attention. I set boundaries and then controlled how much I talked to her.

    If she breaks your boundaries say no. She absolutely cannot join you on your honeymoon. Don't answer your phone when you don't want to. And move if you have to.

    When she realizes you aren't there for every beck and call she'll need to start expanding her own circle. Encourage her to join a church, clubs, volunteer, date, hobbies, etc. And she likely needs counselling.

    And do not feel guilty. See her sometimes but you can't be filling all the holes in her life. She needs to take control of her own life.

  6. At your age you're being naive if you think you can have close platonic male friends.

    Dating and fucking them can be a lot of fun.

  7. Holy fuuuuu do people not understand depression? “I feel like I have nothing and no one and just want to know someone cares.” “Showing someone you care is enabling them!!!”

    Ffs Reddit. Us depressed people sometimes just need a little kindness.

  8. I’d go farther. People who don’t oppose racist people are racist people (even if they refuse to admit it).

  9. So dude what's your decision Inhavent read every single comment, but from what I have read it sounds like yoire making excuses to keep doing what you're doing and some of these people have really good advice and same here leave her the fuck alone. TAKE THAT KID AND RUN LIKE SOMEONE SAID!!! Dont even worry about her mom leave her stranded becasue shes not helping either of you and joining the military is a bit too extreme when you have better options. KEEP US POSTED!!!

  10. Sexual issues can become worse when one partner is pregnant, because pregnancies can bring up all sorts of emotions. My fear would be that he will continue to react this way (cheat and lie) when you’re facing big changes in the relationship. You’re going to need a lot of energy and emotional reserves for a new baby. Why add to that stress by staying with this guy?

  11. I wfh. You're using lights. You're heating/cooling your home. Using bathroom supplies. Using extra cleaning supplies in the bathroom. Making coffee. For 9-10 hours more each day. Did you upgrade your internet to make wfh smoother? Your wfh most definitely costs more than $20/mo. You should be contributing those extra costs to the household account. Another question: Did moving in together cause her commute to lengthen? Is that why she's asking?

  12. Your daughter's eye color (brown) with two blue-eyed parents is very rare. You should get a DNA test. He has his suspicions even if he would never voice them. Get 23 and me for your family.

  13. It seems like a problem that can be easily solved by paying a dog trainer to actually train both the dog and the boyfriend, and by washing the dog a bit more often.

    Or by telling the boyfriend that if he's not willing to put in the work needed to make his dog serene and happy, he should look into rehoming him to somebody who can provide the right environment. And he can maybe try and adopt an older dog whose goal in life is to have a warm place to sleep.

  14. Tell him if it's that much of a problem that he needs to find a new gym partner. He's being controlling and doesn't want you in a swim suit at the gym because he's jealous and anyone can see it from a mile away, hon.

  15. “Mom/Dad… From now on, you're getting one phone call once a week. Keep on calling me 40 times a day and you won't even get that.”

  16. Point 1 will end in disaster not to mention it does not solve the problem. Even if it works your partner eill find herself new adorator eventually.

    Point 3 is fine, but if you are going to leave her you might as well first try to fix things.

    This brings us to point 2. The reason why you have spied on her is exactly, because it is not the first time. Tell her this behaviour is exactly the reason why you have gone through her phone. It is, because you can no longer trust her.

    You should lay out your boundaties going forward clearly, including cutting that guy completely (first telling him she does not want to talk, but not telling him it is becuase of you).

    If she is uncooperative that is fine. Try your best, but if it fails just go for option Point number 3.

  17. Why on earth would you try to make a marriage work when you are a prisoner to this loser ass husband? Get the fuck out of there. You deserve better than this shit hole he has you in.

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