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  1. Not wanting to get married is reason enough

    If you don't accept that reason that's fine, but it's still a reason.

    People's opinions change. Whether you accept the autonomy of another individual or not is a whole other issue.

  2. Dear Reddit my penis is SO BIG that this girl just threw herself at me, twice. I’m usually a gentlemen (tips fedora) but it was on like donkey Kong if you catch my drift.

    Anyways if this is real, tell the guy if you know him. Not a difficult decision. Not sure why you needed to ask for advice about this very real issue.

  3. Disgusting you slept with a man who has a girlfriend which you knew about. I hope she does find out and dump him

  4. OP, you feel like crap after doing this, he may also. You don't know if he cheated on her before or not. I know often times an old lover can make one do things they otherwise wouldn't.

    You are just as guilty as he is in this situation as you knew he had a gf and still “expected to have sex”. Now you want to be the “good guy” and tell her? Tf?

    Leave it alone. He may wind up telling her so you should give him that chance. At this point it's not your business, it's his relationship.

    Just focus on self improvement to not allow yourself to do this again and move on.

  5. Spencer is just getting shat on because his crazy friends and wife made poor decisions. Shout out to Spence man

  6. I have a lot in common with my best friend's husband – more than she does with him, I think. I'd look at it as an “opposites attract” sort of situation and be grateful that if they work out, you guys get along!

  7. So…. I wouldn’t cancel until shortly before either. There have been plenty of times I felt like crap one day and better the next.

    I know you got mad when someone said this wasn’t a big issue, but honestly? It doesn’t seem huge from what you described here. She doesn’t cancel till the last minute. She wants to think you’ll recover quickly. That’s it. That isn’t her not wanting you to rest or not wanting you to recover in peace, unless you left something out? You seem to take these comments as guilt trips but that could be more your response than her words.

    You say you feel like you need to prove that you’re sick, but I can’t tell why. What is she saying that makes you feel that way?

  8. Racism isn’t cute. People can’t be racist and be nice. How will you protect your friends and family from her ugliness?

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  10. Niece is with her dad. Since sister isn’t reliable, the dad lets mother have sisters days. If sister is doing good with her addiction, she’s allowed to come see niece as well.

    Other than explaining how serious this stuff is to my family, I truly don’t know what else to do. I feel like there’s nothing I can do if no one wants to take action.

  11. I just want a compromise, or something! Idk what to do if he doesn’t think on changing when literally all these people are saying he’s wrong

  12. Seriously, the bf sounds weak willed at best but I’ll bet he’s actually picking up/agreeing with the dad’s sexism. It’s just common courtesy to tell your household when you’ll be back.

  13. It's so naked to not try to reach out to him. We never have arguments this bad. He's never left in the middle of an argument before. We never sleep alone. I just miss him so much and I don't understand.

  14. I'm a woman. Her reaction is maddening. It implies you assaulted her, and you did not.

    You have a right to feel this upset, don't second-guess yourself. In a way, she's given YOU reason not to trust HER.

    What will her reaction be if you have consentual romantic relations, then she decides retrospectively its not ok? I wouldn't feel safe with a partner over dramaticising something as innocuous as kissing. If you don't feel safe with her, then walk.

    Trust goes two ways.

  15. Yeah people in this situ never wanna hear that. I think u need to tell to seriously wind this down or you’re gonna walk, atm she’s the forbidden exotic option and u can’t compete with that unless u make him realize what he will be missing. If u just “talk about it” he’s still gonna wanna talk to her

  16. Maybe she forgot and then remembered again? I don't see where the acting weird is. If anyone is acting weird, it's you. You basically ghosted her after that and then you're putting it on her, you passive aggressively change your tone on the phone and don't think to communicate with her about something that's on your mind and instead fester on it and assume bad things and be passive aggressive. And then ghost her lol.

    Not sure what to tell you bro

  17. Oh boy. Been there done that manipulation tactics 101.

    (Except I was the F and it was my then M husband who would stomp all over every boundary and then get upset that I got upset and I ended up comforting him

    OP, it doesn't really matter what information she shared. Big, small, whatever. The fact is that she did. What the h3ll does her 13 year old sister need to know this info? Or her parents? That's downright weird.

  18. You just have to decide if exploring those feelings is worth possibly losing what you have. On one hand it might be fun but on the other you’d be losing the stability you have and someone who genuinely cares about you. If you care about him too, I strongly recommend locking those feelings for someone else away. The more you encourage them, the stronger they’ll get. On the other hand, if you decide to stay committed to him, you might find yourself happy the way things are and lose the feelings you have for somebody else.

  19. 2 weeks is a long time if you're pregnant and considering an abortion. Why would she wanna carry around a baby she doesnt want, if it's gonna be removed anyway?

  20. You don't want to hurt her, but her behaviour is hurting you. She is not a good friend, and if she was a true friend to you, she wouldn't be trying to get with your boyfriend.

    Her behaviour is appalling. You don't need a “friend” like that in your life.

  21. This is not a crush, it is a mental obsession. He is basically living a double life behind your back. You need to confront him about this.

  22. I'm nearly certain he isn't cheating . He works from home and we have access to each other's phones, etc. I never look at his but he simply doesn't have time to cheat. He doesn't have many friends and never goes anywhere without me.

  23. You didn't misgender your bf, and your friend is being rude and white-knighting on behalf of someone who doesn't want that. Their pronouns are he/them. If he wasn't acceptable, the pronouns would be they/them, or something similar.

    My partner is NB and uses she/they pronouns. Even though they are okay with both, I make an effort to use they as often as possible, because it shows that I'm not just forgetting and defaulting back to she. But I can use she when talking to people who my partner is either not out to, or who wouldn't understand or react well, because that's still one of their pronouns.

    BTW, you might want to ask your bf whether they want you to use a different word than “boyfriend”. Might not be an issue, but they might be happier with a gender neutral term, and either way they'll appreciate that you thought it was worth asking about 🙂

  24. Obviously some people did, and I don’t care if they do or don’t. It was cathartic for me to write it out.

    What was the reasoning for you to comment in the first place out of curiosity?

  25. Sounds like she wants to be FWB and not get any more serious. So if you're good with that, do it. If you can't do FWB with her, then walk away.

  26. The comment wasn’t aggressive. People aren’t gonna sugar coat things for you when you’re so deep in denial.

  27. How do I resist the urge to 'check in' on her to make sure she's not about to off herself?

    You just do.

    I know you're probably hoping for some special trick you can learn, but there are none. You just have to practice listening to your rational, logical self more than the emotional, guilty-feeling one. It won't be easy in the beginning, but it will get easier with time.

    Your ex is obviously not mentally sound. If she's suicidal, that's because of the mental issues she's struggling with and not because of anything you do or don't do. She will hopefully receive the medical care she needs and also actually accept it and utilize it to get to a better place emotionally, but neither her willingness nor her capability to do so has anything to do with you.

  28. Yea, he is all over the place with his response times. So it’s legit naked to say. We also don’t live near each other anymore so it’s not urgent for him to respond in a timely manner.

    Was my message confident though? I know I’m attracted to him and I know I want to see him again next time he’s around or vice versa.

    And unfortunately that’s very true.

  29. Advice: Break up officially and move on with your life.

    Dig very deeply into yourself to figure out why you cheated and how you can protect yourself from displaying the same weakness in the future. Do better in the future with future partners.

  30. Okay, I’m gonna be honest. If i was in this situation, I’d be inclined to forgive and forget given he stops doing this and promises to be more communicative. Obviously, this is a much larger conversation to be had between the two of you. But at the end of the day, you two have been together for years, love each other, and I’m inclined to say he wasn’t cheating, maybe emotionally?, but even then—to me—it’s a grey area. I’ve been married ten years now and this would upset me, but it would be something worth and able to be healed from.

    But again, that’s just me. It’s up to you to decide what is a boundary and dealbreaker.

  31. He sounds like a bad guy. Also, at this point he's your bully not your bf.

    Dollars to donuts he also picked someone too young for him on purpose because he wants to feel superior and women his own age are way less likely to let him bully them.

  32. uh… huh. and why is armchair diagnosing – something that does nothing but “excuse” the behaviour and stigmatise a mental disorder that's already seen as awful – better than acknowledging he's being a prick, and that it's actually Very Easy To Not Be A Prick?

    neurotypicals are perfectly capable of being inconsiderate wankers.

  33. Well I suppose you could be right. Probably better to not sit around and wait for her to decide if she wants something or not. I appreciate your response, thank you

  34. Man looking at your post history, you must one of the dumbest motherfuckers that's ever written in here. I'm pretty sure you WANT her to treat you like shit

  35. You should have broken up with him before when you realized after two years he's still not what you wanted.

    So do it now and set each other free already

  36. Your situation reminded me of something that happened to me a few years ago with the guy I was dating. I shared one of my traumas with him to help him understand a reaction I had. He basically sided with my aggressor and said he understood him, and it was my fault. I was stunned and felt like he had hit me. In the end, this guy ended up being even worse than my ex and I am still recovering from this relationship. I only saw later on that all the red flags were there since the beginning.

    What I learnt from this is to be extremely careful with anyone who invalidates your traumas. Beyond being a lack of respect and empathy, it could actually hide someone with the same tendencies. It can be naked to see red flags with pink-tinted glasses, but I really encourage you to try and ask yourself whether this relationship is allowing you to thrive or not. It's ok to put yourself and your mental health first

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