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Date: September 27, 2022

5 thoughts on “Aikabett live sex chats for YOU!

  1. As someone who has BPD, it is never okay to hit someone. Literally put yourself in his shoes. I can’t speak for you, but I know someone playing the silent game for me is absolutely triggering. If you know that the things you’re doing would trigger you, but you’re doing it to him he needs to leave this relationship ASAP. Honestly, sorry OP but he deserves better.

  2. Start with listing everything on a google spreadsheet. Income vs expenses.

    Work on it together.

    Nothing tells a story like a negative or positive number.

    You can even play with the numbers to show the difference it makes

  3. Some men have high sex drives, some women have high sex drives. Relationship will not work if those sex drives are too far apart.

  4. I mean if she's not making 65k now, cause the higher education would bump her up to that, then 25k a year is probably half her salary before taxes at best. And I think they've instituted more guidelines on discharging student loans in bankruptcy so that the hurdles aren't so high anymore. From what I've read the terms were not defined well so it was up to judges, who to the shock of no one screwed all of us over so precedence made it next to impossible to get them discharged. It might be an option for her now and regardless if OP stays with her, it is something she should look into before going back to school.

  5. Absolutely DO NOT do it!!! This will absolutely ruin your marriage and if you have a beautiful relationship, why would you sully it for sex? Good luck. My guess is that you will do it and regret it.

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