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4 thoughts on “Alana Johnson live sex chats for YOU!

  1. He sounds like a nightmare. How would you ever resolve any me legitimate relationship issues? I’m guessing you’ve just been playing the bigger person for the last four years. That’s gotta be exhausting.

  2. ?? I wouldn’t vent to any of my friends that are battling with depression or that are low in mood. You literally can’t support them as much as you can it’s literally selfish. I ALWAYS ask my friends can I vent because not everyone is available to help me with my needs. Imagine having a depressive episode and someone sends you a 10 minute voice note not even asking how you are and they’re venting to you? You can’t even help yourself let alone other people. It’s literally called emotional dumping look it up.

  3. No. You don’t need to tell him. Matter of fact, if you do tell him you are going to ruin your relationship.

    First, telling him now will be new to him. Even though it was a year ago for you it happened just now for him.

    Second, you bringing it up will make him wonder why. Did it mean that much to you that you e been thinking about it all this time?

    Third, if you bring it up bc you feel guilty then he will accuse you of hiding it from him & you must have cheated bc you hid it.

    You didn’t do anything wrong. You two weren’t dating. Keep it to yourself – meaning do not even discuss it with others. It didn’t mean anything so don’t give it worth.

    Good luck.

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