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  1. your property…sorry GF but you wanna move in and pay rent then fair enough.. draw up a rental agreement but your mortgage your property.. it's a legal minefield that will cost you time effort and money if your relationships goes pear shaped

  2. Please stop saying he was a good father. It is an insult to use the term “father” for a pedophile. Dads protect their children. They don’t prey on them.

  3. I think they were pointing out that agreement was functionally meaningless. It's like people breaking up agreeing to still be best friends. It's usually because one person wants to stay together and one doesn't but wants to spare the other's feelings. It almost always results in deferred pain, with interest.

    As for OP, I'd say focus less on the “she broke the agreement,” and more on what her having slept with 30 people in a year says about her investiture in the relationship. It certainly sounds like someone who felt like they wanted to sow their wild oats as much as possible before selling back down.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with someone sleeping with 30 people in a year. There is nothing necessarily wrong with her doing that while separated from her husband (that's for the husband to decide). Where it is alarming to me is she tried to come back to the marriage and not be honest about her year. You don't jump from married monogamy to aggressively dating and back that seamlessly without there being a LOT to unpack about your marriage.

    OP, whatever else you do, continue therapy. Either couples or solo or both. You can make whatever decision about the future of your marriage you want, but I'd recommend not making that decision until you've done more of that therapy. You fully deserve to have your feelings about this information and to have the time and support to process them.

  4. Start the process to evict her then OP. Doing nothing just telling her that it’s fine, she can continue staying with you. If you at least start the process, there’s a better chance she’s going to leave or at the end of it will have to leave. Doing nothing is just letting her know that she can continue living with you and playing in the fantasy that your her other option. Start by telling her she has either 30 to 90 days to get out. And if she doesn’t then do the paperwork. But again doing nothing just lets her continue this game.

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