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  1. I honestly don't care for her looking through my phone I care for her denial and lies in this regard It's just the first time I encounter this side in a relationship It scared me Made me think about all the other times she might have pulled lies like this. She really hurt my trust

  2. You don’t do anything except listen. It’s normal to be insecure and it’s normal to not be ready to do anything about it. She’s not looking for you to fix her or even advice what to do. She knows what to do. She just wants you to love her regardless

  3. Is your boyfriend six years old?!? Why are you ordering for him and taking him to the bathroom?!?

    You’re not his friggin Mommy.

    Dump this loser.

  4. He is a predator. Just run from him asap and also tell that girl to also stay away from him coz he is taking advantage of her.

  5. See. You don't compromise. You have your way and it's the only way. Don't move in with a guy unless he's a weak layover.

  6. Maybe take a little google trip down police interrogation lane. They have technique/anecdote of leaving someone alone in an interrogation room. If you go ballistic, you are innocent, if you go to sleep you are guilty.

    However true or not it is in that circumstance, it speaks to them human reaction of being falsely accused and threatened.

  7. No the door will be locked and nobody can come in unless i open it,but the thing is if anybody came which is highly unlikely he wouldnt have where to escape i live! on the third floor haha..

  8. It’s really concerning your bf trusts your dads sexist opinion over showing any respect for you. Your dad sounds like an asshole too tell him to keep his mouth shut and stay out of your relationship

  9. That’s a good point. My husband mentioned possibly early dementia? She’s 85 and his grandpa is sadly already losing it a little.

  10. It sounds like an awful situation that I don’t envy you at all, but being pragmatic, after terminal cancer is losing her dad and most likely a lot of grieving. You could find yourself waiting a hell of a long time for a ‘right time’ when really there just isn’t one.

    You do you – if you need to be out then I’d get on with it.

  11. Comparing your best friendships to your partner isn't fair. Mostly because you don't have to choose: you still have the friendships. Also because each relationship is different because people are different.

    I'd try spending more time with your friends, because maybe you're not getting your friendship needs met right now and that's causing you to misplace feelings of dissatisfaction.

    No relationship is easy, but no relationship is expected to fulfill all of your companionship needs.

  12. If having him go in and out of your life unpredictably leaves you feeling confused or upset, dont feel any guilt over going NC with him.

    However, if it doesn't sit right with you to ghost, send him a reason via text or email, then block him.

  13. It sounds like you've talked to him and he was straight forward with you. It doesn't sound like he's cheating on you or thats he's going to. He actually sounds pretty level headed that this is just his job. He also seems to pay attention to how you're feeling. You already mentioned seeing a therapist. It seems you need something to devert your attention from this, maybe meditation, positive thinking exercises to make yourself calm, taking up a hobby or learning hip hop dancing yourself. You've already come a long way, getting betrayed is tramatic and it takes awhile to get over and move on.

  14. So why should she suffer being in the company of someone who condones cheating? Son feels having dad in his life is important, fine, he has to be without mom in his life. Like you said, he's not a child, he can live! with the consequences of who he keeps company with.

    I would not be friends with a cheater. And I would keep my distance from his friends too.

  15. It is a breach of trust.

    It’s up to you to decide if that breach is fixable, but personally it wouldn’t be.

  16. Break up with him, you are missing the point. He wants this regularly so now you are poly whether you wanted it or not. No relationship that is bound for committed thrives this way. In fact by the time they get to this point, relationships are mostly done. Looking back in the future you will know what I mean. It is like eating ice cream for breakfast every day.

  17. he went through my messages once where me and my sister were calling her cats cute. We call them by their name(both boys) and he thought the messages were me and my sister were calling other guys cute and lost his mind.

  18. You would be escalating, then. I hope you never have this happen to you because it would not end well.

  19. For the 1,000th time in this sub, there's a reason your husband married somebody so much younger than him – he's an asshole and women his age won't tolerate it. You're in the “finding out” stage.

  20. you’re right. i’m abt to do the ending. because this is the text i got after saying when asked that i don’t feel well and that i’ve just been taking some space from being on my phone and what not while i fought off panic attacks and fluctuating emotions:

    “Babe I completely get that this won’t be fixed overnight we both know that but I swear to you with every once of life in my body that I’m going to show you what real LOVE looks like and yes I’m sure you’ve heard that and some of the other things I’ve said before by those pieces of shit in the past so I can see why you’re hesitant on opening up and that’s ok to be protective of your thoughts,feelings, etc I’m not expecting you to tell me everything all in one night whatsoever or in the span of a few months but what I’ll continue to do is give you my all and strive for nothing but to help improve your life in any aspect”

    i don’t need to be improved :/ i just feel like shit. simply put. this is just how life is for me. i back off from people, space my texts out because i end up getting very agitated which is not necessarily something that i can always have a firm grip on. i don’t get why he wants me to open up as if i’m a clam and bare my deep dark past. when all i need is “i’m so sorry! but you handled it amazingly” or “take your time, you’re doing a great job” instead i got “i’ll fix you! let me! tell me everything!” and “let me prove i’m better than your shitty exes! show me the wound!” like wtf :///

  21. So you are 20 years old, and have already been in a poly relationship that ended badly, and you are wondering if you should enter a poly relationship with your boyfriend and his ex, who cheated on him and calls you names?

    Or said in a different way:

    Your boyfriend wants to get back with his ex, who cheated on him, and who resents you for being the new girl in his life – and he wants you to be okay with it.

    Are you at all okay with this? Why are you even entertaining this? Do you imagine you would be happy in this? A stable relationship might open up for the idea of being poly, but not this shit, that's just a recipe for disaster. I think you should focus on the fact that your boyfriend wants to be with his ex, and run for the hills.

  22. I wouldn’t attend anything she attends. If I show up and she’s there…I’ll be walking back out to the car and leaving. No dramatics just simply leave in silence. If they ask why then explain to them what she really is. If they don’t believe you then that’s on them not you. I’ve been in that position before where I clearly see right through a persons bullshit and everyone else is like nah YOURE the crazy one. Turns out I was right and others finally caught on. I tried explaining why I felt that way and they didn’t listen. So I removed myself whenever that person was present. And what do ya know? they started showing their true colors to others. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Op you have to do what’s best for you. Don’t force yourself to be around someone like that for the sake of your family.

  23. Yes, I was very angry and hurt. We were able to reconcile and move past it, thankfully. Although it took a ton of transparency on his part to this day, I have full access to his phone. He is also understanding on my bad days when I get really sad about it and sometimes lash out about the affair, but he takes it all in stride and is always supportive of my feelings.

    I'm sorry you, too, went through this. Hopefully it gets better after the divorce is finalized and if not keep everything via text.

  24. OP. Sunk cost fallacy aside. Do you want to grow old with this disloyal woman?

    It's upto you if you're able trust her again eventually.

    I think it's admirable that she was able to actually come clean about the whole thing, so maybe there is hope that you can?

  25. Ye if a doctor put u down as manic depressive that’s just another name for bipolar. Ik like 30% of ppl with BPD also have bipolar too,

  26. How come is a pregnant woman allowed to change her opinion on pregnancy but the same isn't always granted to a father who may be initially against keeping the child?

    You blocked him. The right thing back then was to inform him that he is a father. He was a teenager trying to come to terms with potentially becoming a father. Of course he is annoyed at you. You robbed him of a chance to be a father. To love his kids. Yes, yes, his initial reaction wasn't great but it doesn't mean he wouldn't change his mind over time. You robbed him of over a decade with his own children. To even know they exist. Not once have you tried to reach out to see if he changed his stance?

    Apologize to him. Ask your children if they wish to meet their father. Whether you want it or not, he may go after you to establish paternity and custody. It will not look pretty in court that you denied him being a father for so long. Unless he was abusive and dangerous, the first reaction is really not the most representative of what is in the best interest of the child.

  27. I mean if you bought them and said “I got them so you can stop wearing the pair from your ex” then yeah you are 100 hundred percent a jealous/insecure boyfriend. The post is all about how YOU don't like seeing them on her.

  28. As others have said, this edit makes you out to be a jerk. Listen to women when they say that their experiences of rejecting men have resulted in those men escalating and being verbally or physically abusive. You have three examples, the first was early on and she was open with you about what happened. The second you’ve admitted is something that happens in clubs and has happened to you. The third, you left out that the guy was off his face. That’s what people can be like on drugs. Your fiancé isn’t going to want to challenge someone who is high and unpredictable. This isn’t about enforcing boundaries. These are three specific and distinct situations.

  29. If you are asking all of these questions to see if your partner lied you should not be in a relationship with them.

  30. Think of things like a team…and if you've ever played a team sport you'll understand. You want to be the best at whatever position you play…but you also want your teammates to be the best too. This makes you GREAT when together. It allows for healthy competition that pushes you both to be your best and together you make the team great!

  31. Not sure how old your kids are, but if you can help them make something for mom, that goes such a long way. My husband helps my 3 and 6 year old (my 3 year old participates half the time as he is not as interested). They have made things that I know took months (because they only do a bit here and there), but it fills me with so much joy to see and to think of how long he planned for it and how much patience it must have taken to teach her and be there

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