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Alyssa Renee, 20 y.o.

Location: Florida, US

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Date: September 19, 2022

6 thoughts on “Alyssa Renee the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It hurts my heart when I hear about couples talking about a hypothetical situation, and someone reads too deeply into it. Saying it sounds like fun doesn't mean that it's something she needs in order to be happy. Or even thought about before you guys were in that conversation.

    It's like this other post I saw where the guy asked about a threesome, and the girl was so uncomfortable that he would even ASK.

    I don't understand, and maybe that's okay. I'm just the kind of person that always wants my SO to feel safe. I want them to know that there's no harm in asking or telling me anything, ever. I will always respond with love, even when it hurts. If my feelings are hurt, we talk about it, and proceed as a team.

    I personally think that if she's still giving you the love and respect that you deserve, and doesn't try to push your boundaries, there really isn't an issue, to me… but this isn't my relationship, and if this is some kind of deal breaker for you, so be it. Just please make sure she knows she didn't do anything wrong. Because all she did was feel comfortable enough around you to say what was on her mind…

  2. I saw this post about 20 minutes ago and my first thought was ‘Ayup, he’s going to blame her for everything he’s done’. The fact you say he’s ‘intense’ is also worrying.

    I probably would’ve been concerned when he gatecrashed your graduation, but this is well beyond that. He sounds like an obsessive who’s built up a narrative that you two belong together. Shut him down, ghost him, do whatever, but don’t meet him or give him any indication of where you online (again).

  3. It was constant talking for 4 days but generally small talk, I didn’t know her full name and hadn’t heard her voice. I had no idea that we were guaranteed to meet or that there’s be any connection in person. I think she’d have felt the same way at the time but it’s clouded now because we know how it’s turned out.

  4. It’s also a giant red flag that your partner doesn’t even seem to care if you guys break up. Like it’s a nonchalant decision ….

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