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Date: September 26, 2022

29 thoughts on “Amy Purple live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Friend has a thing for her. How should he react? “You guys should drink and hang out every night!” Seems like playing with fire to have people like that around your relationship. “OP is such an ass, I would never treat you like that.” “You are so pretty, OP doesn't deserve you.” A hole womanizer 101.

  2. She was assaulted if not raped. She is scared and you need to be supporting her. I understand that it may look like “I got drunk and tried to cheat on you” but if she's so drunk she doesn't remember any guy would know that.

    I have never seen a person so drunk they don't remember it the next day and wonder “will they be able to make complex choices for themselves right now?”. The answer is clearly no.

  3. First, I would be getting tested for STDs. Second, I would be ??‍♀️??‍♀️How many others are there?! I would also ask if he donated sperm when he was younger? As soon as he walks in the room, I would play Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Nah, you better than me. The first two and all strippers, I would’ve been gone! ✌?✌?

  4. You’re not being callous. Empathy with out accountability is enabling, and that’s what’s he’s manipulated Nora into doing. He’s using Nora to prop up his self esteem and isn’t doing any work himself to address the fears and negative self talk that’s probably fueling the issue. It’s like he’s got a tank with a leak that he ignores but when it gets low he panics and manipulates Nora to fill it up for him again. He needs to at least be actively working on those leaks or else all Nora’s doing is bleeding herself dry for nothing.

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  6. Ok, the only reason I care is because we have had this issue in the past, and when I ask oh who’s that she gets annoyed at me like I shouldn’t ask

  7. If he won’t stop putting scented lotion in your vag I would leave him before he gives you a UTI, a guy who treats you like this isn’t a good long term investment

  8. Well everybody else is trying to be nice and comfort your feelings I'm just going to go out there and say you should feel lucky your husband still having sex with you.

  9. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    We have been together for 3 years, known each other for 6, we started long distance, now we live together.

    I have always had a very hot time with him watching porn, since to me it feels like cheating. It gives me physical pain, when I think about it. As soon as I'm not by his side, all I imagine is just him looking at girls jerking off.

    I have tried to talk to him about it, but he turns hostile and doesn't want to share anything about it. I know that I don't fit into his sexual preferences too, so I constantly have the feeling that I'll never be good enough.

    I honestly don't know what to do, and I just hope someone has been in a similar situation like me, and they found a solution. I don't watch porn myself. I don't think he would actually cheat on another person, but it really hurts me knowing he looks at other girls.

    TLDR : Boyfriend watches porn, really hurts my feelings, don't know what to do

  10. Insecurity, nervous about it not being satisfying enough, and also not necessarily something I want to do because im simply not comfortable. And some of it I feel is due to my sexual trauma. My sexual trauma happened when I was 6 and it involved giving oral. It was to a girl but.. it still involved having to give someone oral. So I think it’s just something about that.

  11. Honestly? Lose your temper at him. Asking him politely didn’t work. It’s time to turn up the volume.

    “We’ve been over this before, and I’ve asked you to stop. Things are pronounced differently in the UK than they are in the US. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. I don’t believe you are actually too stupid to understand it, so I can only assume you enjoy behaving like a condescending (deleted) for your own entertainment. You’re not funny, you’re annoying, and if you don’t knock it off I’m going to stop spending time around you.”

  12. You tell him you're pregnant and offer to do a paternity test. Also, have him go in to the doctors and do a sperm check.

    This isn't hot….

  13. For what? You don’t feel an ounce of remorse because you don’t think you did anything wrong. So a fake apology so you can get back to the dick that was worth losing your sister for?

  14. Get yourself tested, and if you have it, do whatever you need to get treatment.

    I'd if you can sue her or anything, but if you can, I wouldn't blame you.

    Yes, it was completely unacceptable for her to hide this and put you in danger. Definitely cut her out for good.

  15. No, not how it’s written ahahah I meant that they went there for? Winter sports? Yet no mention of snow related activities or anything but drinking beer. I can bet what you want that that reunion is not a skiing event… Mote like a sausage party with only one potato.

  16. Yep, I once got flack for not being a true “Patriot”. They did not comprehend that Canada is not part of the US.

  17. Not everyone is like that. lol you two just sound dramatic and a little immature.

    Do you see why your words probably hurt her?

  18. Honestly this! Me and my spouse are about to hit 11 years. We have separate finances, separate hobbies, separate schedules, and we both travel. We love being together and we love being apart. Hell, the only reason we share a bedroom is that when I moved in my bed would only fit in the main bedroom and it was a dick move to force him to leave it. My mother calls us “two cats in the same house.” ?

  19. “sorry I didn't feel any spark. Best of luck out there!” There's no need to call him out or get into the specifics, that would just eat into your time and energy.

  20. This is most vapid thing I've ever heard of. Tell her “Yeah I get you don't like my car, and?” see where it goes from there.

    Your car rocks dude. Is it the XRS?

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