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  1. If I were your girlfriend, I’d want to know all of this information so I could make an informed decision on whether to work on our sex life OR to breakup. If you don’t tell her (and stay together), you’re either going to online in sexless misery and accept it because you feel guilty OR you’re going to end up actually having sex with somebody else and probably continue to do it.

  2. ?? that is not ok. He should have discussed it with first and to be honest I don’t think I’d ever agree to that. The fact step mom is younger than him also is weird. What if she wants another one? Would she be expecting your husband to just keep dishing out his sperm. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this.

  3. Cheating or not he has serious issues. Ashim to take a polygraph. If he refuses or hesitates then he is probably lying. Go to surviving It helped me with a cheating wife.

  4. Does she work? Or she meant financially controlling your money.

    After reading this, even your life seems to be in jeopardy, don't let her isolate you… Hope this is a wake up call for you, you might have a nude time kicking her out of your house, you might have to do it the legal way… Or wait until the lease is up, get your ducks in a row …. Once she notices you want out, she might try to love bombing you (but she has already shown you who she is so don't be fooled) and as I said before she could even trap you with a baby so stop having sex. If she does this, your going to be screwed for years and years. Finally, I may sound a bit paranoid, but have your cellphone ready to record your interactions with her.. when you break up have someone else as witness, so she cannot claim abuse of any sort (There are tons of horror stories here on reddit from men and women played and manipulated by narcissist). I don't know you, but please be careful.

    Good luck.

  5. I’ve heard that you can force yourself to get in the mood of sex especially if you’re younger. You don’t think it’s possible?

  6. When something feels especially good, look him in the eyes and tell him what specifically it is he's doing that feels good. Tell him you like watching him do whatever that thing is. Use dirty words a little. Men love it when our partners talk dirty to us during sex. Don't be shy. Have fun with it. The more uninhibited you seem the more he will enjoy and appreciate it. I think it's great you want to satisfy him, but make sure you're communicating your needs too. I hope this helps

  7. You are so right! My partner is English with Indian parents and his mother is in the same believe that he needs to have a Indian wife and to give her Indian grandchildren.

    Well my partner always told her no and that he would rather die or go no contact with her then get married to a stranger, even more so to an Indian women that may turn like her. Outch His brother also got the same treatment from their mother and now lives 4h away and only visits her a couple of times a year and recently married his partner of 9 years, also white and the mother was miserable.

    Funny enough my father in law left his ex wife when my partner and his brother where young because of her views towards the boys and their future partners being outdated and overall predicted she would make them resentful of her.

    Thankfully my partner has a supportive dad and also has a spine and after we were together for just a few months and he knew he loved me he told his mother that she better accept it once and for all he will never be with someone Indian and he doesn’t want to get married to someone like her and that he found someone he loves and this is me. His mother didn’t took well and the first few times she met me she was rude, obnoxious, a truly awful person, specially after she met us once by going to my partner’s home and my daughter being with us (she was only 7) and his mom started outright calling us names and saying it’s a shame my daughters father didn’t finish his job of killing us (my partner mentioned to her that myself and my daughter have ptsd and cptsd due to her father being abusive and tried to murder us and this is why I have full custody). Well my father in law was in the front of the house with my partner, they heard his mother being absolutely disgusting and hateful because we aren’t Indian (yes she said that) afterwards my partner, my daughter and myself broke down after he kicked her out, his dad made sure she left and was also tearing up and very apologetic to have brought her to his life and having her as my partners mother and that strengthened our relationship.

    Funny enough after that all his family adored us more and everyone stop speaking with his mother, including their relatives in India themselves. They also bashed her for having such old views and saying this is not 20 years ago when everyone was supposed to marry until the same culture and the beauty of marriage is the love between one another instead of sacrificing themselves for the sake of a family in the same culture.

  8. I'm worried she'll take it the wrong way and I don't want her to feel like I pity her. I also don't want to make it more difficult for her to move on than it already is. While she's strong and independent, we really loved each other a lot and it was already a nude decision to end things. I'm worried it will hurt her more if I contact her.

    Also Christmas Eve is already over, it's 1AM here, so the timing is kind of shit I believe. Couldn't do it earlier because of family celebrations.

  9. she called me randomly yesterday about how she was so sad and she wanted to see me, but she shouldn't because my roommates would think its weird if she came. I wanted her to come over so I can give a final verdict. I wanted to tell her, you can either block this guy and admit you cheated and we can maybe repair things. Or blow it up call her a cheater and a liar and that I never want to see or hear of her again. I ended up saying no I work and left it at that.

  10. No, don’t tell your FWB. You have no moral or ethical obligation to tell him. You’re not in a committed relationship with him so you didn’t cheat on him. If you do tell him, you say he will cut you off. JFC why the fuck would you even consider telling him??

  11. because I really genuinely believed we had arrived at a good place to still go to the spa, and in the spa, I genuinely believed she was enjoying herself and was smiling at me and acting fine. She began crying towards the end, at which point we got changed and left.

  12. If you seriously have no idea why he's acting like this, then yes, you should probably break up. He's very immature if you're supposed to just guess what he's upset about.

    Most adults communicate about their feelings rather than pretend like you're nonexistent and move to the couch.

  13. Thank you for your input and perspective. It certainly feels like I'm holding him back from what he wants to do. I wasn't computed into his equation and I am still shocked he lied to me and I didn't suspect a thing at all. Made me afraid of what else he can be lying about.

    I am very sad and I know I deserved more than what I received today and making it up to me is not gonna make me feel better.

    I have a lot to think about. We had huge plans this year and I see how much I considered him in my future and he didn't think of me in his. I thought we were doing great but I suppose not after all.

  14. You should take her up on her offer. Either let her buy you out or sell the house. It sounds like a bait and switch. She decided to be abstinent after you’re locked in with a new home purchase.

  15. It is very possible for things to move this quickly, especially when mental health struggles are added to the mix.

    Only he can know if this is salvageable, but it sounds like — if nothing else — the relationship is a cause of concern for him and he needs some more time apart.

    It's understandable for this to feel blindsiding to you and you have my condolences for the loss; try to take care of yourself and your well being and focus on yourself for the time being. Give him space and if there is anything to salvage I'm sure you both will have the opportunity to talk further in the future.

  16. I don't like my ex inlaws. They just aren't my type of people. But they aren't bad people and I completely trusted them with my son when he was younger.

  17. Yeah, the only reason my dog would take off is to go in search of ladies to charm and flirt with. He's addicted to love.

    But yes, I get your point, they might not work in less populated areas.

  18. I have. He's been saying he's going to do it for months but he hasn't shown any effort by actually doing it. He wants me to do everything for him. He even asked ME to look for a new flatt for him hecause HE wants to move out. He asked ME to get HIM numbers for therapists.

  19. You understand if it’s an open relationship that he will be included in some way? Is that what you want?

  20. Your friends are wrong and sound pretty toxic. The text you sent made it clear you're interested. If this girl is interested, she'll text with a different day she is available.

    Don't try to force someone to date you.

  21. In your mind what are the worst case scenarios? In mine I see you keeping the baby. He then resents you. Accuses you of trapping him and then leaving. His mom gets involved and tries to claim grandparents rights because she doesn’t see you as fit to raise your own child. You abort. He then recents you for it. His mom loses it because how dare you and she works on convincing him your awful and they both make your life miserable. Eventually he cheats of you leave him and you get blamed for everything. Or you have your child. You leave him and kick him out of the house before you give birth and raise him as a single parent. Or you abort and you leave him and look for someone who is not a mammas boy. I’m sorry I don’t see a winning well except for the last two. But like I said what do you want. Your the breadwinner can you afford you and little one? Do you have some kind of support from your friends or family?

  22. His GF set the standard for an expectation of privacy by looking at his phone.

    I agree grow up and have an honest conversation with her about your feelings and what you saw. Be calm and reassuring to her you want to be a better BF to her going forward id that is what she wants.

  23. I read it, but with how your wrote it I took it as him not giving you the referral because of how you’re reacting to him. You don’t really give a lot of context about that apart from that one sentence so there isn’t much to go off of

  24. ya but I type that I’m not. We all have fantasies but should your partner know them all.. I don’t think so but maybe I’m wrong

  25. Yes her female friend, they both followed me out of the bar, saying it's not what it looks like.. I said if that guy comes out here I'll drop him, then her mate (female) became enraged and started threatening to drop me.

    When I saw them and pulled up a stool she didn't flinch, the random guy removed his arm once it became clear I wasn't a random person but her husband…

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