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Date: October 27, 2022

7 thoughts on “Angels-love live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Hi, you are me at that age!! Except, I stayed with my best friend until I was 39 (fifteen years in total). Our sex life was awful, I hated the days when I knew I would have to have sex. And I hated having to kiss him. Every year you stick it out, it gets worse. But I didn’t leave because we were best friends, never fought, and actually had fun together. I just thought I might be asexual. Then he cheated on me. I was really upset but I definitely understood. He ended up being in love with the mistress and I found out, and we broke up. I feel like he was thirsting for passion and romance but also didn’t leave because we were best buds. I was desolate for a year because I was almost 40, single, and he was moving in with his 25 year old stripper. But I developed new hobbies, traveled, and had incredible, amazing sex. I was not asexual. Now I have a beautiful daughter. I am still single but that is because I refused to date anyone seriously and now I don’t date because I have an infant. This all happened in the last 3 years, lol. I didn’t realize how incredibly depressed I was towards the end of my relationship and its awful to imagine that we might still be together and I would have to endure having sex with him for the rest of my life. I am so much happier and less annoyed. I wish I had left when I was your age.

  2. I'm sorry but your gf is playing with fire. That's a serious accusation that can cost you your life and it shouldn't be taken lightly. It can take away your freedom and can ostracize you from any community. She should keep her jealousy in check and if she feels some type of way, tell her to communicate right then and there and not to jump to crazy conclusions. That's seriously messed up.

  3. If I understand correctly, he went on a night out and then didn't respond to you for a full day? You text him at 10am, start calling at 11pm, he responds at 4am?? That could be 24 hr without even a basic hello? I wouldn't be in a relationship where we weren't checking in to at least say goodnight and y'know, give a little attention, even two minutes everyday…

    I asked my bf to text when he gets home after seeing me (literally like, 10mins travel in the evening) and it took a couple reminders but he does it it everytime now.generally does it after longer trips and visits that don't involve me and the like too, or at least I hear how it went within an hour or so. But I often get a “home safe” or “back, tired” quickly. I don't have a particular reason other than yeah, being an anxious person, my bf does it because I asked him.

    He is not respecting you if he can't do what is a reeeeally simple ask. You're not asking for a conversation, you are asking for him to open his phone, go to your messages, and send “still alive”. That's extremely easy to do. Not as easy to remember, but a person who cares about their partner will let them give them gentle reminders until it becomes a natural habit. Your bf is not respecting your ask which does not make a compatible relationship. You make compromises and do things you don't understand for people when you love them, and frankly with dangerous traffic and how fucking easy it is to communicate, this is a pretty universal sign of caring.

    Everyone is ragging on you for your anxiety but honestly? Anxiety, fear, things like that are meant to protect you. You have an experience in your life that made this particular fear extremely real to you, and your anxiety isn't that he's going out it's that you want to know that he's safe while he's out. That's really reasonable. Not hearing from a loved one you expect to be in regular contact with for a day can be scary. You can do things to ease your anxiety, but it is NOT the problem here, and it does NOT make this issue lesser or make your request unreasonable just because you suffer particularly severe consequences when he doesn't uphold his promise.

    I wouldn't date this person. If needing check-ins is something you need, you can ask for that and expect it. Even just simply expecting a partner to follow through on promises is a good boundary, and I honestly wouldn't date this person if they weren't apologetic at this stage, and dropped all defensiveness.

  4. I see.. her family thinks I should just give her a baby so can stop talking about it but that’s not fair to the child. Because eventually it’ll found out that I didn’t want it at first.

  5. That's not true. She would have still cheated and she would find another reason to blame you for it. I'm sorry. You deserved better than that. Commitments don't make people cheat. Not caring about your partner and wanting to hop on another dick because you're a bad person makes you cheat.

  6. Are you interested in or comfortable with a FWB situation? Because it seems that's what she's interested in – which is fine, but it doesn't sound like that's what you want.

  7. Don’t get me wrong I do everything for my friends. But this friend group particularly always treated me differently since we were in high school and after high school it just became more obvious.

    I am surrounded right now with people who really love me and love spending time with me. Not people who I have to beg them to spend time with me. And me turning down coffee dates of them because them have turned me down so many times before that already. So I stopped trying. Does that make sense?

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