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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. I sold my Xbox to get more money to save. I threw out all of my weed because I wanted to stop for good however I was using it because I felt so depressed and lonely. I mean I don’t even know whether to keep going anymore. This life seems impossible for me to be happy

  2. He has also made it clear repeatedly that he will ALWAYS pick her over you. When you have any kind of conflict with her he will NEVER take your side no matter how right you are. He clearly knew what dress she planned to wear and never once thought “she's going to upset my daughter on her big day so I need to tell her to change or not come” he just went along with it because she is the only one that matters to him. He gave you the ultimatum, both or none, so let him deal with the consequences of being a shitty father.

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