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4 thoughts on “ANNA102live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. It kind of sounds like you could really use some closure my dude. Just because you needed to get by without it, it doesn’t mean you’re “fine.”

    Moreover, this woman is not you and she doesn’t need to handle things the way you chose.

  2. And next time you think you’re being funny have a look around the room and see how many people actually just look like they feel awkward for you.

  3. I am sorry but you are showing your lack of maturity here throughout the post. The main point I am going to make is that you have no right to your parents' money. You are not trying to be independent when planning a trip abroad for the summer when you cannot afford to go.

    Your parents may be wrong in certain areas of your post, but not when it comes to funding a summer trip.

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