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Date: September 28, 2022

31 thoughts on “Audrey Noir the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Yes. Buy a new backpack, I wouldn’t even ask if she wants a new one. My partner stained the backseat of my car and I didn’t even know about it. He came back with cleaning supplies and said “I did this, I am sorry. I am going to clean it for you.” I appreciated it

  2. Honestly for me, it hurts to see that he is prioritizing his baby friend’s situation over the feelings and security of his significant other and is willing to participate in anything at a brothel but not able to pay for a wedding. This to me is much bigger than one night of poor decisions. I hope he is gone for good.

  3. You know that he can delete everything right? Especially now because you have a bad feeling and he knows that. Did he behave in any way suspiciously?

  4. So I’ve made that request and my cousin understands this. But when we get together, my cousin gets excited and is like “we could do this, or we could go do this. Etc.” and my GF feels like my cousin isn’t respecting our request. I keep telling my GF that my cousin is just excited and wants to talk about it. And then my GF tells me I’m not setting a clear boundary and the trip isn’t going to be romantic because of it.

  5. Don't introduce you girlfriend to pickles.

    She might be cursed by thinking about you once she's fed up with your childish behaviour.

    I wonder what you think while having sex…”Oh, I can't, any vagina now reminds me of how my ex's vagina was holding my dick when we were fucking…”

  6. So it's ok to have an emotional reaction based on the very real fact that your wife betrayed you, cheated, and (what probably hurts the worst) doesn't seem to care all that much that she did it. It's like “Oops I broke your favorite coffee mug. Guess I need to watch what I'm doing.” is the same to her as “I tripped and my vagina fell on someone's' face. Like, twenty or thirty times over the course of twenty minutes. Aw shucks.” If it were me, gender has nothing to do with whether its cheating and I would be done with her.

    It's also ok, when your body has been used to associating certain stimuli with sexual arousal, for you to have a physical reaction at odds with your emotional reaction. It's not more important than or an invalidation of your mental and emotional reaction. It's biology. I know it's a very different scenario, but there are women who, due to sheer physical stimuli, will achieve an orgasm physically during SA, and it's something that causes them shame and to question whether they are to blame, and it's something counselors and therapists have to work with them on understanding and accepting that it doesn't invalidate the reality of what happened.

    Don't get hung up on your Pavlovian response to years of lesbian porn. Your feelings about this being cheating are valid.

  7. Missed my point. Ellie was a child when they first met. There is no way he could have an appropriate sexual relationship with her in any context. Even if she came onto him, the onus should have been on him to shut it down. He’s also the one who is married, not her.

    And even if we’re going with the “they started hanging out in 2020,” we’re talking an 18 year old and a 35 year old in an ongoing romantic and sexual relationship…plenty of room for a huge power imbalance.

    Ellie isn’t 100% innocent and absolved of wrongdoing here by any means. But everything about this points to him being a predator.

  8. You know what I think I said the exact same thing to someone before, “you're young! just enjoy” or “you cannot know a person well in a few months” AND now here I am lol i guess thats what love does to you. Okay lets pause legal binds until further down the line.

    This has been on my head this week, always better to say it out to see clearer.

    Huge thanks ?

  9. He and his friends overreacted but I am a bit lost why you showed up uninvited. You can’t be shocked he wasn’t happy. Some people want to have their own things.

  10. I can understand that she is terminal and he knows she has feelings for her and not wanting to bring her sadness. He doesn’t want to hurt her and she is dying. I personally would have no issue with it

  11. The “back in the day” makes it sound like you had some interesting middle school years lmao

    In all seriousness though, if she says it's okay she probably really doesn't mind. If you still feel bad/feel like she doesn't get enough out of it, you could just fully focus on her first, since you can drag that out for as long as you want and she'll love it

  12. No way to do it but to rip the band aid off. You made your choice when you signed up for the workload you knew would place the relationship in jeopardy. That's not a bad thing, necessarily. That's just what it is. If you don't think you can figure out some kind of compromise to make it through the semester with the relationship in tact, then you let him go. Would one weekend on and one weekend off work?

  13. Tell her and don't be afraid! I was exactly in your position nearly 30 years ago now here I am with 3 adopted kids and a grandchild on the way this summer and if I had the chance to go back in time and had a magic potion to enable me to have kids I wouldn't change a thing ??

  14. That's a different person you're responding to, dummy.

    Sorry if porn gave you ED, but projecting isn't going to change anything, either.

  15. I sometimes throw up when I get really anxious. I don’t usually do it in front of anyone and it’s been going on since I was a teenager (I threw up on the first day of school all four years of high school).

  16. I’m sorry, I’m unclear. Are you arguing over the hypothetical situation of what will happen 6- 7 years down the line when your BF’s daughter turns 9-10 and he may or may not buy her a phone at that time? If so, yeah, I wouldn’t bother worrying about it. You’re unlikely to be together by then.

  17. I just worry that it isn’t my place. I know in med school I will have to rely on my partner to handle the majority of responsibilities because I will be too busy with school, and I feel like I cannot trust him to do that. His mom gave him a time frame of when to find a job or she’d kick him out, and he did not meet it. I feel like he does not comprehend having a full time job and adult responsibilities. Is there anyway you’d prefer to be told about your partners expectations? I do not want to hurt him.

  18. Any advice?

    The entire frat sound like entitled assholes all around if they all pick on Jake.

    Advice 1: DO NOT talk to Brad about what happens between you and Jake. Because he might say he is Jake's friend, but he is not. He is a bully and so are his frat/pledge-brothers.

    Advice 2: You can join the formal, but keep a low profile. Don't make yourself a target. If you want to talk a bit more seriously with Jake, take him on a nice date.

    Brad told us that Jake’s a virgin and that he keeps telling him that he has no chance with me. (I’m like a 7/10 and not a virgin lol)

    Brad is a bully.

    Jake’s not a super “fratty” type, or the most handsome guy in the world, but he’s certainly doesn’t seem as bad as Brad points him out to be.

    Jake is a convenient target for Brad and his fellow-frat assholes.

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