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30 thoughts on “AwwElla online sex cams for YOU!

  1. I tried to make jokes to defuse the conversation but apparently I was making it worse. He would say he didn't like me acting disappointed when he turned me down and I'd try my best to control my reactions.

  2. I’m going with troll at this point. The messages to each other are way too close in time. I wouldn’t suspect multiple drug addicts (or former drug addicts) check Reddit (and reply) whenever a notification pops up.

  3. Because you see him differently. You treat him differently. You called him stupid and dumb. You make him feel like less. You don't want to hug him or touch him.

    Oh, and because you're insane.

  4. Walk away. You’ll always be the third wheel for whatever codependent shit these two have got going on.

    Until she tells him to fuck off and realises this is not a “friendship” it won’t work with anyone.

  5. You are delusional. You are emotionally cheating. It shouldn’t matter how Sean feels. You should cut contact with him like yesterday. Grow up. Keeping this guy as a “friend” will only be bad for your relationship w Bob. If you really did care about Bob this is what you would do but you don’t.

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  7. You can have fun in college while still in a relationship. He wants to fuck other girls in college. He’s telling you that pretty much

  8. You didn't mention that your new wife is your daughter’s ex who you found on a sugar baby site. Just get out of your daughter's life. You obviously don't give a flying fig about her.

  9. He’s trickle-truthing you. It’s a thing where he slowly surrenders a little bit of the truth to you so that she doesn’t get the brunt of your anger all it wants. Furthermore after begging for the full truth you are tired you just don’t want to fight and you basically are more likely to let him get away with it with a slap on the wrist. It is manipulative and he’s only doing it because you’re catching him.

  10. As per another reply I made:

    As per another reply I made to a different user:

    If she told me she wasn’t interested and wanted nothing more to do with me, of course I would respect her wishes on the matter and that would be the end of it.

    Yet she hasn’t. She texts me every day asking how my day was, calling me on the phone every few days to vent about how mad she is at her job, and all the typical stuff that someone who is interested in someone does.

    Feels like a lot of mixed messages to me, thus my confused state.

  11. First, you don't get to brush my position off as stupid just because yours seems like common sense to you.

    Second, I'm autistic, and her objective, oblivious behavior is one I kinda recognize in both myself and my wife. Now I'm not saying she is autistic, I'm just not going to presume to know what she was thinking.

  12. In my experience, there are two types of people when it comes to public displays of affection (these types of posts are a form of PDA).

    Type 1: I'm so overcome by our love that I must shout it from the rooftops! This thing we have is so amazing, I can't keep it in. Everyone needs to know!

    Type 2: This thing we have is so amazing, I just want to keep it social between us. No one in the world matters as much to me as you do, so why would I care if they knew about us?

    Both of these types are completely valid, but can look foreign to the other type, and very hot to understand. Type 1 thinks type 2 doesn't care, since they aren't shouting it from the rooftops. Type 2 thinks type 1 doesn't care because their affection feels so performative, like they are just doing it to have others validate their relationship.

    Maybe figure out why the posts are actually important to her and try to figure out a way that you can express what you feel in a way that is both authentic to you and emotionally fulfilling for her.

  13. I'm not sure why your goal is to have him admit it. If he admits it, then will you leave him? If he admits it, what does that mean for you?

    You are being gaslit. You have all the evidence. Why are you continuing to ask him when you know he will continue to lie about it? You can either choose to accept that he will continue to cheat with her and perhaps with others. Or you can leave the marriage.

    If you need proof of cheating in order to leave the marriage and have a good divorce settlement, hire a private investigator.

  14. Paahahaha ask my ‘friend’. You mean the guy who completely ditched me for this girl? Isn’t here at the weekend ever? And does coke every weekend? Yeah. No.

    I’ve decided I don’t like this city. I don’t want to be here. and being in another city would 100% help as I have much better friends there. And it’s more exciting in London (you gonna tell me Bristol is exciting?? It isn’t.)

    I will try to find other things to do. But this city is a pit. It is.

  15. Maybe there’s another family heirloom that is feminine that can go to her to validate her as a woman in the family. This ring already belongs to you. She should be able to be lifted up and celebrated without bringing you down and questioning what you’ve been given. If she had been given something handed down my the men in the family, would she now give it up to your brother, even if she treasured it?

  16. Him not being into dudes doesn't make him abusive automatically, but they do sound incompatible. OP probably would not have these feelings in a more open relationship.

  17. Imposter syndrome. But typically they can recognize the voice by itself without the visual (dis)association. Like over the phone or talking to them from another room. Of course not all people with imposter syndrome can recognize a person by their voice. But I don't know if OPs mom is experiencing imposter syndrome because she didn't recognize his voice over the phone. Like I said, it's not for certain and I'm not a doctor. But I did just do a bunch of research on it about a month ago.

  18. If a FWB has feelings for you and you don’t reciprocate, isn’t it common to cut them off as friends?? Cause how could you go back to being just friends? I’ve never had one, so i genuinely don’t know.

    Anyhow it’s crystal clear that Andre STILL HAS FEELINGS FOR YOU, has been mad jealous of your fiance for forever, and doesn’t respect your commitment/engagement. As soon as he made comments about your guy way back when, he should’ve been blocked!

    Block him!

  19. You’re around my age. I feel that at our age we should be smart enough to not get caught up in this type of bullshit that 20 somethings do. He’s a fucking cheater. Period. He continues to play you with sweet gestures that are nothing but manipulative tactics and you keep falling for it because….??? You should have never married him. Block him everywhere. Block his mom. Get a hobby to keep busy.

  20. Please take an x-ray to your hips and tailbone, you might have a broken bone or something, so you should check on yourself

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