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  1. None of your words make any sense. Yes, he can rent to someone he sleeps with. (repsonding to a different comment you made.) If he wanted to charge rent, he'd be completely in his rights; while also owing her NO equity. He's choosing not to charge her rent, even though he could.

    Regardless of whether she pays rent or not, she still needs to contribute to the upkeep of the home she is using; i.e. cleaning the space she uses, and paying the utilities she uses.

    Cleaning, cooking and utilities have ZERO to do with equity. If she spent money actually improving the space, such as new flooring, or a new deck, that's an entirely different story.

    But cleaning, cooking, and paying for the water bill does not entitle to her a single $1 of equity. Even if she was paying rent with a lease, she's entitled to $0 as his girlfriend/leasee.

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