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  1. Yeah, I talked to him about my expectations and responded with nothing a few weeks ago and responded with nothing. Honestly now that I think about it he was a walking red flag

  2. I know it doesn’t mean he wont eat sandwiches. We eat sandwiches too. It’s a very common food. But when he said it was his culture and brazil has a mix of cultures and its own so I’m making fun of his culture. But idk anymore. I was only laughing that it was for breakfast not that is was weird to eat sandwiches

  3. You booked a holiday without your partner’s input, then got annoyed at her telling you the things she would like to do on this trip because of the cost. So she stopped telling you the things she would like to do and is now concerned about the cost. Seems pretty straightforward to me.

    You can’t have it both ways – if you want her to be excited about the trip and enjoy it, then she gets to pick half of the activities and you both need to talk about what is a must-do, what’s a like-to-do, what’s a maybe, and what’s a no for each of you. If you just want to do the trip as cheaply as possible with none of the things she wants, then it’s not the vacation she wanted to take with you, it’s your vacation she’s tagging along on, and she gets to be uninterested since she has no say in it.

    Talk to your girlfriend. Ask her what she wants to do about the trip.

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