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  1. You can’t change anybody. It’s really best to conserve your energy and put it toward people who whole heartedly want to love you. It’s what we all deserve.

  2. I cuddle with my pregnancy pillow I got in 2020. I do not cuddle well with humans – unless their my kids. Then I have to.

  3. Cheaters, lie then they lie some more, they gaslight, lie some more, blame shift and spouses like you refuse to accept the truth and rugsweep and then down the road are devastated to find out it happened again.

    Hard 180. Sleep in the other. Demand an STD test, and a poly. And watch for that parking lot confession you'll get if you state right before “If you tell me the truth right now, we MIGHT be able to work through this but if you fail the poly, we're done”. Happens so often its a cliche at this point.

  4. We’re being negative because he sounds like a dick. Someone who loves you doesn’t say hurtful things about your body to you. Or gaslight you into then thinking you need to feel bad for not absorbing them. If you want to make it work, sit him down explain how his comments are hurtful and tell him to never say it again.

  5. Or go on date with sister, but have your mates meet you there and pretend to mug you guys and you save the sister and are called a hero and before you know it, it's menage a troi time

  6. If it is over for you, move on.

    If it's not over for you, then talk to her. The result of that discussion will tell you if it's over for her. If it's over for her, move on.

  7. My husband and I are the same age gap, he’s the exact same way! I constantly tell him to buy me flowers or anything, even a $1 gift. I just want something without asking.. he doesn’t do it. Gift giving is my love language so I loved gifting him little things all the time and make big deals of special occasions. But, I’ve realized he isn’t going to change so I did. I no longer buy him anything. I buy it all for myself. I buy the fancy gifts I want. He no longer gets anything except for a text on his bday. I just don’t care anymore.. I do gift exchange with my sisters.

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  9. This is kinda how I felt. I mean we are both pretty mature I would say, and I know people who have been through similar situations. Guess sometimes it just helps to have reassurance about that stuff.

    Also think that sort of way of thinking is fading out with the so called hook up culture nowadays.

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  11. Try to also approach her with empathy. Even though she came in all guns blazing you know deep down she’s feeling insecure and wondering and fretting that you don’t love her or find her attractive anymore. Remember that women are conditioned by society to see men as the sexual aggressor and we are taught that boners come easy to men, and that just looking at us, never mind having us vulnerable and hard in front of them is more than enough to get naked and all of a sudden you couldnt. She’s insecure and dealt with it the wrong way. Try to approach her with reassurance first rather than an apology. Then explain that they way she talked to you made you feel humiliated. Youse will find a wayZ

  12. I mean you no harm or evil so please read what I write with good eyes.

    Nature does NOT LIKE a vacuum. If something is Not there, Nature fills

    the space with the first thing at hand. With Humans this is usually Fear or Anger.

    Since you characterize your current bond as sometimes “boring”, thats a

    very good indication that you are making someone else responsible for

    giving meaning to what you are involved in.

    If I was forced to guess, my Guess would be that you are in a situation

    where there is the assumption that the OTHER person will “drive” and

    you will just be a passenger. Since you do not share control over where

    this situation is going its only natural that your “free-floating anxiety”

    has escalated.

    1.) Your choice is to continue to abreact to every single burp and fart

    as just a “paasenger ” in your Bond


    2.) Invest yourself in assuming your fair share of the decisions,

    responsibilities, planning and challenges.

    Your choice.

  13. Ever stop to ask yourself why this guy in his 20s is dating teenagers rather than someone closer to his stage in life?

    He's probably dating someone your age because he knows women in their 20s won't put up with his shit.

  14. You should suck it up and go to the wedding, be civil, ignore your ex's presence, and be mature about it. This is not a reason to end your friendship with the bride. Nobody promises us every day and every event will be smooth sailing, and sometimes we just have to accept situations we do not like.

  15. My guess he's hasn't been staying at his mommies but that's OK he should stay where he has been and you will be ok. You deserve better.

  16. Hey uh… Not necessarily connected to this post… There seems to be 5 comments, although I can only see yours and my reply. Do you know why that is?

  17. I'm sorry but she is not going to stop this behavior. She doesn't even want to. She obviously enjoys abusive men, as you said in your post, she believes men should beat their women. And she is doing everything she can to make you cross that line.

    She has mental issues, that she needs help with. She is toxic and trying to turn you toxic.

    Is this the type of guy you want to turn into? Because it is what she is trying to turn you into.

  18. If this was my sister I would definitely express my concerns to her in a non confrontational way, but only you know your sister and whether or not she would take offense to this. Really the best thing you can do is support her in whatever decision she makes. It's up to her in the end.

  19. He and his friends overreacted but I am a bit lost why you showed up uninvited. You can’t be shocked he wasn’t happy. Some people want to have their own things.

  20. Seems like you are making the exact same mistake again.

    You watched porn because you did not treat her feelings seriously.

    Now you are not treating them seriously again when you say she wants a divorce, but it will be fiiiiiine.

    You just don't respect her feelings and conditions at all. Her stance on cheating? Lowkey not that important. Her stance on divorce? Definietely some hormonal hysteria… ugh.

  21. They refer to themselves as a dad, so I am assuming they are indeed a man. Which makes the comment hilariously ignorant of women's safety on solo trips.

  22. If I’m being honest, I’d my partner says “this guy is taking me home”, and then doesn’t text me that she made it back, and then doesn’t respond to anything for multiple hours…

    Is it wrong to think she may have done something?

    I could see if my partner was tired from work and took a nap or something but she’s vacationing and just kicking it. Then again my partner regularly updates me on everything so her NOT saying something would be sus.

  23. I wouldn't say it's petty, but if your relationship is wonderful in all other sorts of ways, then maybe making this such a sticking point is not worth the frustration.

    Sure, it's a very nice gesture and you've communicated to your boyfriend that it would make you feel cared for if he texted good morning. But obviously this isn't a natural for him. It would be considerate if he did this now, but doing it 'robotically' may really take away the meaning anyway.

    Ask yourself if he has other ways he shows you he appreciates and thinks of you. Maybe saying 'good night' is easier for him?

  24. Yep, maybe he's gay. Or bisexual. But right now he's with you. Is he a good boyfriend to you? If so, it doesn't really matter if he's also attracted to men. If he's not a good boyfriend, then break up with him and move on.

  25. her words, which is all we have, is that he expects spotless. her edit clarifies that she usually cleans everyday and its only occasionally that she will let dishes pile up or whatever. also having hair /stuck/ to the floor is different than seeing some hair on the bathroom floor (where you brush your hair and bathe). id have to sweep every single day, probably twice, to prevent ever seeing my husbands hair on the bathroom floor. even for a full-time housewife with no kids, thats a bit much.

  26. We need to know more about the other lies, because honestly a 21 year old girl not wanting to tell you a different dude came in her ass is fairly understandable. Wrong, but understandable.

  27. You are in love with a pedophile. Call the police and make sure he doesn't actually have Child porn somewhere in your house. Also, never have kids with this person. He obviously sexualizes little girls, so if you have a girl, he might go full bore into being a child molester or making Child porn….

    Leave this predator

  28. Leave him. The boob thing was bad enough, but the fact he's showing off pictures of your sister and trying to pretend she's you to his coworkers is just… Pathetic.

  29. Angel trust me you have nothing to feel insecure about. Small ish boobs are much more of a blessing than a curse and if he wants to behave like a juvenile then let him. Do NOT stay with a man who has lied to his friends abiht your body and also shown a picture of your sister to try and con them.

    It's very gross cringe behaviour and you really seen to deserve much better than this whole situation.

    Let me put it this way, if you had a little sister who's boyfriend had just done this to her, what would you say to her?

  30. While you are together, set some boundaries and communicate clearly. You are making healthy changes. You’ll need to be ready to respectfully say no when you need put yourself first.

    Do a check-in periodically where you talk about peaks and valleys of the relationship. Give him time to voice his stuff, but the rules are one peak and one valley, and no arguing. Just acknowledge your partner’s view.

    He must want to change. It sounds like he has made some effort, but real change takes making new habits and it takes time.

  31. I mean hell, the days when I'm feeling burnt out because I've done all the chores plus extra errands for him because he's working too late to complete them, and I can't muster the stamina to make dinner my husband at the absolute minimum orders us food and wants to unwind and watch our favorite shows together. If I did actual, labor intensive things for his job he'd not even second guess doing something for me in return.

  32. Oh my god, you are such a kindhearted, wonderfully sweet person. You did your best. You are not to blame for ANY of this.

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