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Date: September 26, 2022

31 thoughts on “Barbieroberts on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Get your own place then. You’re both working full time and earning, so why wouldn’t you pay your way? Cost of living is through the roof, so it would unfair to expect to on-line anywhere rent free.

  2. Wouldn’t care in the slightest. Probably would only say something if we stopped having sex altogether but you still used the vibrator.

  3. You're a fuck up person. You need to look up the word friend because you're certainly not one. Your so call friend is an asshole for having you around him. I could never trust you.

  4. I’m not looking to get into a political debate in the comments since that’s not what this post is about, but I’m happy to have a private conversation about it if you’re really that interested

  5. The moment I found out about my ex-husband's affair, I instantly lost love and attraction for him. It was a huge turn-off to know he could hurt me like that. Ultimately, I left him because he was still lying to me about stuff. I gave it six months, but I kept falling more and more out of love with him. Maybe, if he had put in the work, I would have stayed. Maybe I would have loved him again. I don't know. I do think reconciliation is possible after infidelity, but it comes down to the wandering partner's ability to have true sorrow and empathy for what they did, work hot on their boundaries to prevent it from happening again, and THEY have to rebuild the trust in the relationship. Is your partner doing any of that? Maybe the lack of love is a sign he is not doing any enough to earn back your love, trust, and respect?

    I recommend your post this over at r/AsOneAfterInfidelity. They are a sub for both wandering and betrayed partners to post and seek advice as they work through reconciliation after infidelity. They were incredibly kind to me both when I chose to work on my marriage, and also when I decided it was time for me to leave. I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

  6. I like my fiancé to communicate when to expect him home because I have extreme anxiety and I worry constantly about car accidents. But if he sends me a text and I know he’s not in a ditch somewhere, I relax. It’s extremely controlling to call a million times. Also saying “hey please let me know if it’ll be after midnight so I don’t worry” is SO MUCH different than giving you a curfew. That is also insane

  7. This is incredibly tough, you are in a horrible situation, I feel absolutely awful for you.

    I have 2 questions I need answered before I give advice:

    Are you just trying to buy yourself a few weeks of time until she gives birth? Are you still with your partner?

  8. which probs means I’m around 1600-1650 in in person tournaments, most people live just use ratings tho tbh. And it was uno or chess, and uno sucks as a two person game

  9. That's disconcerting tbh. I don't think she means to do it but she definitely is bordering on abusive. You can't insist on telling someone how they feel or what they think.

    I've learned a lot lately since I struggled my whole life with anger issues and anxiety that leads to controlling behavior.

    But when someone isn't ready to accept it I think it would be best to get yourself some support like a therapist and start working on some boundaries.

    It can really mess with your mind when someone is constantly questioning your reality

  10. Don’t ever be pressured into sex to make someone else feel loved! My marriage ended after 30 years of that…. No no no!!!

  11. Smh. You absolutely should not risk pregnancy. His thinking-genes should not propagate.

    Strongly recommend you employ the only 100% sure method, and leave him to enjoy his lotion-y condoms solo.

  12. I'm thinking the same.. it hurts… but there's nothing for me here. I've built a life but I built it alone regardless.

  13. His ex was 31f so yeah unfortunately that sounds correct, she was controlling so now he wants to control me emotionally?

  14. because I really thought I saw a future and I still do if she wakes up that it's not worth it. Say is it worth it to break up with someone you know inside out over one thing? forget about all the other shiesty and say this is the only problem we've ever had.

  15. May the universe bless you with a few extra good years for your good deed :)) Thank you kindly stranger.

  16. We are reading the comments together. She just said that she indeed thought about it. Fortunately, after reading your comment, she understands that she's being manipulated and says that she'll put the necessary work into not falling further into his trap. I guess that since she already had some doubts (the reason which made her talk to me about it), it might turn out well for her in the end. Crossing fingers !

  17. I don’t think being with a man will significantly change your chest size/appearance/feel. I do think that after having sex, your body probably has a rush of hormones, which might play a factor into it? I’ve noticed some hormonal effects after sex, but nothing that lasted more than a day or two. Its mostly likely your cycle, I’d think.

  18. If that's your take from your life experiences, that's a completely valid viewpoint. You just have to remember that you can only truly see things from your own perspective. There will always be aspects of perspectives and motives that you just can't understand because there's a million and one things different between you and any other person.

    What I've found to be a good approach on life in general is to always seek to understand: always ask people why they think what they think and why they feel what they feel. Even if you think their reasoning is completely illogical or if you know of some contradicting evidence, you at least get a little more insight into how society operates.

    Additionally, as I touched on before, do your best to identify why you feel the way you feel and think the way you think. Regular introspection and cross-examination will allow your viewpoint to evolve and accommodate more and more information – it may even change it entirely. You may grow more confident in your argument or might identify a bias that inhibited you from seeing the truth of the situation.

    Your feelings will almost always be valid. Fully realize them and find what caused them. Communicate with others, and you'll hopefully help mold the world for the better.

  19. “It's not your job to make someone else relationship ready for you… They should come to you prepared for the relationship already…”

    I've never heard this before but it's so true!

  20. 🤣🤣 you’d admit it to save your relationship though wouldn’t you haha, the image of that cheers me up rather than the thought of him doing the dirty!

  21. my fiancé and i both have each others passwords but we don’t go snooping through each others phones, a phone can be like a diary, there may not be anything bad in it but it’s still something you want to have to yourself. i trust my partner enough that i’ve never felt the need to go looking through his phone, and what he says in private conversations to his friends and family aren’t my business and i respect that. If it’s something i need to know about i trust that he’ll tell me.

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