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Date: September 25, 2022

48 thoughts on “Bienelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Completely agree, but do you think this means he would never see us moving forward in any capacity or just that I should wait and give it some time and see? Thanks for your response!

  2. No, not your problem or theirs what their exes do. Unless there was overlapping you had no right or need to inform them about this women's dating life

  3. Not knowing the exact situation you are in I could both understand why she's upset and also blame her for not being supportive enough.

    You coming here makes me think that you are actively trying your best to change your financial situation and to do the best you can.

    I don't know which plans you guys had fot the anniversary but there are a million things that can be done on a budjet or for free. For example, yu could try and ask her to do a picnic at the park instead of postponing the celebration (and later, when you have money, you can celebrate with something else).

    In short, you could try to offer a backup plan.

    That being said. If she's aware of your situation and is not helping with that (again, I don't know what you/she are actually doing) it says somehing… But, at the same time, if you have deluded her multiple times I can understand her being upset.

    You guys need to talk. You need to tell her that you need her support.

  4. No, you're not. That's like saying my BF is an alcoholic because of you. You cannot control other people's actions, his choice to make out with someone, was his alone.

    My alternative advice would be this.

    You came to this reletionship unprepared. You have multiple things that needs correcting for you to be a more functional partner. This is work you do prior to a reletionship, not something you struggle to fix during and create an unnecessary weight placed on the reletionship.

    For that reason, and his cheating (obviously). I think you need to take a step back from this reletionship. You have to work on these destructive behaviors. Once you eliminate them and start a new reletionship, I am sure things will be a much smoother and happier experience.

  5. there will be bills, utility, food, so many things you can contribute to. he probably just wants to be with you.

  6. Ohhh me…. add in the subsequent binge eating disorder and welcome to the shit show am I right… OP dont let her be around your kids…

  7. You two need counseling – whether this is couple's or individual is up to you.

    She hooked up with a guy when she KNEW you were in the hospital and didn't expect you home. She is NOT ready for a relationship.

    To her credit she seems to have been honest, but this SCREAMS of drug addict behavior.

    Personally, I would divorce her because I've been (not quite as far as you have) down this road and it never ended well.

  8. Your bf will never look at you the same way. No therapy will fix it. He either copes well enough to stay with you or he doesn’t.

    I wouldn’t do anything to reassure him or of that nature. Just let it happen on its own.

  9. Go to therapy and fix your issues op and stop causing other issues for other people that they will need to fix.

  10. Now you know what it’s like to be an attractive girl and have all the Chads chasing you bc guess what? They want sex. That’s it. You’re going to parties and clubs, and getting attention. Is your bf’s attention not enough now? Are you turning into a shallow Barbie doll of a human? There’s entire Hollywood movies about this shit, come on. You’re riding the pendulum way too far to the opposite of where you were. Find somewhere in the middle, where you’re the hot gf of a nice, caring, dependable guy, and enjoy that.

  11. The people saying it wasn’t your place have a good point. On the other hand, if this man is the real deal, as in potential marriage material for your sister, then he needed to know at some point and the time for your sister to come clean is definitely not after getting engaged, or worse, married. You potentially saved her from much bigger fallout further in the future.

    I mean, it’s kind of a lose-lose situation. She was never planning to come clean and if their relationship is meant to go all the way, he needed to know before he proposes. I’m glad he took this information in stride and she’s not hiding anything from him anymore.

  12. So, your father sexuelle harassted your girlfriend (a different story if your mother and your sister are okay with him touching them in auch a sexuelle way), and you did nothing but I and you are okay with it? You made it seem like you talked to your father about not dooing sexuelle things like that to your girlfriend but just did not really talk to him and let the sexuelle harassment continued?

    She needs a new boyfriend who actually respects her.

  13. Have you… never met a liar? Or an infidel? They will go through great lengths to cover up their bad behavior. God I hope you’re not this dumb all the time.

  14. I have been a non touchy person since the beginning though or maybe your right but he’s my safe space and I feel so attached to him and like I said there is always a voice telling me im going to regret breaking up with him for the rest of my life and im never going to find a better person 😭

  15. “Knock first” is way insufficient. The other part is “Unless you’re housesitting, don’t let yourself in. If nobody answers, they’re busy. If the door is locked, they’re either gone or really, really busy in a way you don’t want to interrupt. For gods sake don’t let yourself in with the key.”

  16. Dating is about consent and building trust over time. Think about that instead next time you approach another person for a date.

  17. Yikes dude. You realize we're just talking about consensual sexual experimentation, right? The shoplifting metaphor was about how people naturally change over time, not me saying they did anything morally wrong. It's fine to say you aren't compatible with someone. That doesn't make them a bad person.

  18. I know. What man says he wants his wife to thank him for paying the mortgage? But I think it is something else about the way he's feeling.

  19. I feel like if you're a little loud and rowdy while watching a game, it rubs off on the players through the screen. The results are always better lol

  20. But why would you tell him that? If your partner came back from work and started talking about the pretty girl who just started would you be comfortable? Someone who he would interact with on an almost daily basis?

  21. This is why people who are barely adults shouldn’t get married. If she’s already jealous of a pillow, batten down the hatches for the future..get into therapy together for counseling or do yourself a favor, get divorced, put this farce behind you and enjoy your 20’s

  22. Jesus this is such a sad and pathetic response. You’re 20 fucking years old. You’re not gonna be the miracle couple that hates each other busy also stays together forever, so just admit that you made a mistake and go be a damn kid.

  23. Consider, in case it is real: Both OP & OP’s gf are still pretty young. And to be in a relationship for 4+ years at that point means they’re probably in a comfortable stage & may not have thought much about their orientations or attractions since being together. Again, they both landed on “lesbian” as a label when they were teens or barely 20. There are 65 year olds that are just realizing they’re not as [insert any orientation] as they thought they were, so to flat out say that someone in their mid-20s could never suddenly develop an attraction to someone unexpected simply isn’t water-tight.

    I understand that you’re coming at this from an angle of personal experience, & probably feeling defensive because of that. But it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically right or that someone potentially shifting their own label is acting on a played-out script. I’m very sorry that others have perpetuated cruel tropes. However, life isn’t always out to get you.

  24. No I am not going to apologize tbh it’s a valid thing to suspect not everything should be let go

  25. She's saying that if she stays with him she is settling with someone who earns far below her 'social stratus'. I'm going to go out on a limb and make a guess that they – she at least – might be S.E. Asian. Maybe N.E. Asian based on her parents comments and her comments that are super direct. Her being a doctor and being a super earner vs. him being in IT and a great earner are generally not considered a good match. Maybe if roles were reversed. Maybe. But that's just my hypothesis.

  26. Also if I’m not too late, remind him that you are going to be (or basically are) his family before anyone else is and that no one else matters besides the two of you.

    It doesn’t sound like his family respects him in ways that he tries to show respect and needs reciprocated. He probably gets what he needs from you and he needs to remember that you’re there to build each other up.

    But tell him he needs to do it for himself too and strongly urge him to go to therapy. In fact, if this continues and you are getting tired, make therapy a condition.

  27. Hm. See what the rape advisory service has to say first. They are the experts, after all. And I am sorry because this sounds so difficult and stressful, to say the least.

  28. He wants to “explain to you” for his own catharsis – it won’t in any way help you feel better. He just wants to justify himself to feel better. Either you’ll “understand” and he’ll be happy that he “did the right thing for you both and he’s glad you finally get it now”, or you won’t “understand” and he’ll shake his head and console himself about how you never did have the empathy he needed. In neither scenario is he ever the wrongdoer.

    Block him, don’t meet up with him, start moving on.

  29. Your Mom is of course, correct. One way or the other a psychopath is going to hurt you. You’re going to end up a single parent, unquestionably. Prepare to raise this child alone, maybe with your Moms help as again, your Mom is right.He isn’t a safe partner. He is making you feel good right now because HE is comfortable right now. You are providing something he wants, at this point, Lipping to your Mom, being disrespectful, saying words… he’s showing you who he really is right there.and you’re going to see some shit o if you keep him around.

    If he’s truly diagnosed, or just knows from Google what kind of man he is, it doesn’t matter~ a true psychopath doesn’t care about you at all if it comes to him and you. He and your Mom. This man will always save himself. He’s going to take advantage of this situation, for awhile but he will leave, because he doesn’t really care, if he’s diagnosed he doesn’t care about you and everything is based on him.

    What sort of puke is he? I mean, you let this man get you pregnant, he must be really something. You’ve got more to do now, the baby and we will see how that all works out… It won’t be sweet and romantic having a baby. He may have some internal drive towards a child with his blood but pretty much everything he says and does is about what’s in it for him and is he comfy… he’s pretending it ALL.

    I wouldn’t believe a word coming out his mouth personally. He will always find a bed even if it’s in prison.. he will try for a psych ward, a bed and three meals, snacks he may be quietly proud of his diagnosis but you’ll never know the truth of what he is thinking or what he is doing… I hope he has a good job.

  30. I am actually LOLing that you're using an incomplete bachelor's as credentials. No wonder you come off so 101-level. It is embarrassing to read. You are framing your opinion as fact because it's part of your little performance. Doubt this often works for you.

  31. It sounds bad because it is bad. She is being violent, you asked her to stop, she refuses and blames you for your feelings instead. That means we’re out of Let’s Have a Serious Conversation Land and we’re now well into GTFO Territory.

    You need to leave and you need to let any mutual connections know why. Her victim complex makes her untrustworthy in the wake of a breakup and I wouldn’t be surprised if she projected her own failings onto you and accused you of DV (a common tactic among abusers). You don’t have to use the language of domestic abuse victimization to avoid this. You can simply tell people “we split because she was hitting me and wouldn’t stop when I asked.” It’s very likely that you won’t get a chance to tell your story if she accuses you first, so I recommend advocating for yourself early on and in no uncertain terms.

  32. Let me start by telling you about me; I'm a guy and I'm happily married. I also had quite a bit of fun in my teens and twenties. I tell you this for two reasons; first, so that you know I'm not a woman coming at this with some sort of potentially blind perspective that you're just a prick and the reason I feel that way is because I'm a woman. I'm not. Second, you have a misguided notion (as do many others) regarding the relationship between someone who likes to have fun as it relates to being a good monogamous partner.

    On that note, let's just call out how you begin; you say she's far from your standards. On that note, why wouldn't this have ended then and there? I'll continue to provide my opinion here (which again is nothing more than my own opinion) and say that her enjoying clubs/parties, dressing revealing, and wanting to go out with the girls is inherently a non-issue.

    Why is her enjoying clubs and parties inherently an issue? I logically know what you'll say to all of my questions so I'll state them and address them; your premise will be that it means she'll get drunk, be around drunk people, and is more likely to cheat. The first two are obviously going to be the case. But why does that mean she's going to cheat? Getting drunk always means you're incapable of making rational decisions? If that's something you have to fear, then you certainly shouldn't be in a relationship with that person. But it's not because of partying; it's because they're shitty people.

    She likes to dress revealing? So what? Might make people more attracted to her? Awesome, you should take that as a compliment. Means she's going to cheat? Yes, guys will almost certainly hit on her. The hot truth is that they logically will even if she's dressed in a way you deem appropriate. But again, so? She has the agency to respect her partner and not entertain the situation. Before I then get into the friends, I'm certain you might argue something like “I trust her; I just don't trust them.” That's the biggest lie someone can tell themselves.

    Let's now talk about going out with the girls. Why's that a problem? She can't have friends? You can't have friends? Independence is important and healthy in a relationship. That means time to yourself and with friends. If you need to be with your partner 24/7, you're going to struggle dating I promise you.

    After all that, let's get into the specific example. You first describe her as your “side chick.” Not exactly someone I'd suggest you're in a position to give shit to for living their life given how apathetic you are to them. Regardless, you essentially ask her out on a date. You tell her you trust her and that she can do whatever (which is honestly a fucking weird thing to say in this context), but then you disappear for an hour.

    So let's put things into perspective; you ask a woman out. She comes out. You then voluntarily ditch her. Why couldn't she come with you? Why did you think it was ok to be gone for an hour? Why did you intentionally avoid her? It's seemingly because you were playing games.

    The girl who fucking came out with you got left by you, you blew her off, she reached out to you a bunch, because yeah, who logically wouldn't want to know where the fuck their date is? I'd imagine at that point she thought “well fuck this asshole, I'm going to go have fun.” She did exactly that, you decided to reappear and then make her out to be an asshole for hooking up with someone else.

    Yeah, she chased after you because she's young and dumb. She has nothing to apologize about. You're logically a piece of shit and you're now gaslighting her. You then go on a date and decide you can never forgive her for something she shouldn't be sorry for. Give the poor girl a break and let her go.

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