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  1. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Girlfriend insists on travelling the world solo

    I (23m) can't understand why my girlfriend (22f) would want to travel the world on her own. We have been together for 1 year and she is starting to plan a trip to Europe that has no ending. She plans on quitting her job and booking a 1 way ticket to Europe to begin travelling around world with no stress about leaving me behind and insists she wants to do this solo.

    This relationship is the best relationship either of us have ever been in, we are open, communicate well and have developed an amazing connection, we both agree that we could be the one for each other.

    I find it hot to understand, because if I were to travel, all I would want to do is share it with the people I love and to experience the different cultures of the world with her.

    I even brought up the idea of me going along for the first month of the trip and then heading home, but she doesn't want to be constrained by my 1 month limit and have to rush around to different countries in the time that I am over there.

    If anyone has some experience with something similar, or any advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: She has stated many times she will remain loyal and that our relationship is still something extremely important to her but she can't let it get in the way of the dream she has had for so many years. (Does this change anyone's thoughts?)

  2. My wife's grandma was a busy painter, and there are so many that it fills 2 houses full of random wall art, and our basement is full of a bunch extra. Must be close to 100 paintings. They are pretty good but there are so many.

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