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Date: September 25, 2022

20 thoughts on “Blaire live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. You just leave him alone? You don't even like him, so why waste your time and energy on him?

    It is important for you to learn to dissect your social relationships so you only end up with people who are actually improving your life. How does being friends with this guy benefit you in any way?

    Or are you still emotionally attached because it didn't work out with him like you might have hoped?

  2. Then divorce her and marry someone whose income trajectory matches yours. Your lifestyle doesn't have to change as your income level does. Like what else do you need? A mansion?? The largest yacht in the world? A car made out of gold? Hardly anyone is married to someone who makes the same as them. You've gotten way too big for your britches!

  3. I’d break the lease! I’d ask a friend/family member if I could stay with them, while looking for another apartment. The last thing you need is her bringing him over while you there…bruh

  4. Oooft. I saw him leave comments on other girls IG’s, specifically one, before we became official but that was it. I made it clear after that it’s a no go. He’s never done anything to make me not trust him, but it’s hard to shake that lingering feeling when your own partner won’t comment on your physique in even a remotely similar way.

  5. Someone in the UK was actually murdered a few years ago: selling his car in the newspaper. My point is that most crimes are on unsuspecting people and gf needs to develop a bit of street wisdom. If she had been alone, those two guys could easily jump her. However it isn’t a competition between you and gf. She does need to be a lot more careful about whom she lers in your house and to vet transactions on eBay. Phone numbers, names of people coming around etc.

  6. Like i said i agreed all the way to this comment. I believe mom and dads call all the shots with kids as long as they are safe and cared for. I think brides should call the shots at the wedding. Because in this world your life should be kind and considerate but also proactive in being happy. The way this young mom feels is spot on. She is allowed and should advocate for herself and her family. This comment Op made makes it feel like she used the MIL when it was convenient but now HER parents are available so MIL is not good enough anymore.

  7. I would very strongly recommend you to get therapy instead of plastic surgery. You are super young and you don't realise that you are in a toxic relationship.

    The way your boyfriend behaves is not acceptable and not normal. And guys like that also don't change.

    There's a real chance that he is saying stuff like that on purpose to make you insecure. Because then he has more power over you. You've already expressed to him how his words make you feel, yet he continues to say them. It’s not a case anymore of him having to work on it. He does it on purpose.

    He prefers you insecure so that's also why he doesn't want you to get plastic surgery which would increase your self esteem.

    Your relationship is the root cause or your mental health issues, not your butt. And once you have butt implants he will find other things to make you insecure.

    I really think you should reevaluate your relationship and why you stay in such a toxic relationship.

  8. I have gone several days where I've not brought it up at all

    That might seem reasonable, but to an outsider it sounds absolutely non-stop and constant pressure, and 'a couple of days of not asking' is not enough time for him to feel less pressured, especially if there's other issues at play.

    Take a month off, perhaps, and actually allow him and you to reconnect so there's no pressure, then you might be able to have an open and honest dialogue.

  9. This isn’t the right sub for this issue. But to answer the question…how would your friends know who this guy is dating or what his intentions are?

  10. Well, yeah, for sure. I’m just interested to hear what advice reddit may have for this situation, or if anyone has dealt with similar.

  11. Why even try to hold on to her? She clearly doesn't care for you like you care for her. Her saying immediately that she won't delete the pictures is her blatantly not caring about your opinion and prioritizing doing her own thing.

    Down the road the disrespect will only get worse, and you are far better off without her in your life.

  12. so it wasn’t really a horrible thing in our mind, and we didn’t really consider it abuse.

    A clear effect of what your parents did, it has messed up your sense of morality and you're repeating their behavior.

    I genuinely can't fathom what kinda of person you have to be violent to a toddler. Hitting your children is gonna do more damage than good for them, it's not like that's an obvious thing to understand.

    You need to understand the difference between fear and respect.

  13. I never get upset with her, She's perfect in all honesty, and I let her handle it and I just support her which I always will do and thank you for your reply

  14. Leave him. I personally can't stand liars. These sort of people can't control it. While it's mostly stupid stuff now, what happens when it's more important stuff later?

  15. Gross.

    She mentioned that she used to hook up with a guy who lives there. I didn't think anything of it at first, just kind of nodded. Then she goes on to say how good the dick was, how it was worth a bit of a drive from where she lived because of how good he fucked her.

    And this is how she builds a good respectable relationship? Why is that pertinent to bring up at all? I'd ask her what her goal was from telling you? Did she want to make you feel good?

    A little insight, she probably wanted to make you feel insecure and cause you emotional harm. She needs to grow up. Glad my wife doesn't do any of this, this is petty.

  16. There is no such thing as “poaching” a guy from another woman. If your boyfriend leaves you, it's because he decided to. Nobody stole him. Nobody tricked him. Nobody convinced him. He decided to. Try not to say things like that. It makes them feel special.

  17. It's time to move on. He's making promises and not keeping them. He's showing you what he will do. Your having scholarships and grants is one thing. But you're working part-time, and he's doing nothing. He can't be trusted. Don't waste your time. You don't need him. Let him go, and the resentment will leave also. Peace!

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