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♥, LUSH IN – Naked AF and Oil@ Goal ♥135 wand ♥142 bong ♥ 333 shot ♥ vino 444 ♥ 420 topless smoke sesh ♥ 500 Snap ♥ 1111 shotgern ♥ 3456 Insta cum ♥ [Multi Goal]

Date: September 24, 2022

3 thoughts on “Blaire

  1. What everyone else said. This guy doesn't love you, and his saying that after only 3 days is HUGE red flag. Run far, far away, and try to date someone closer to your own age.

  2. Honey, are you collecting red flags for a craft project? He obviously has a ton… 1980 USSR is jealous of the number of red flags you are just accepting from this man.

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