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Blonde Rider, 93 y.o.


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Blonde Rider on-line sex chat

Date: September 24, 2022

6 thoughts on “Blonde Rider the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It can be demotivational to feel you don't have a chance at all, and it fan be demotivational to win too easily. Treat her like a new player – don't go all out but don't feel you need to play so badly they can tell.

    She might worry that she's never going to challenge you, and she might even worry that it won't be fun for you because of that. Remember the first thing to motivate someone in a game is to make it enjoyable. Doesn't matter of you do that by adding conversation, talking and joking about the game, making a little ritual out of it with some snacks pr whatever. Playing cards will be good for her but motivating her to play can be about anything.

  2. This is a subtle form of abusive behavior that is controlling and manipulative. It gets worse not better. It will be a constant thorn in your side.

  3. There’s a line in one of the Batman movies that goes like this; “You either die the hero or you live! long enough to become the villain.” That’s what happened here. Your bf remembers the best of them and holds on to the dream/ideal of what they were. They didn’t have really bad times or severe problems (probably) because they hadn’t gotten there yet so of course he views her as the perfect girl. She probably never showed him anything else. Plus, human nature is to remember the best of times not the bad. That’s why so many people get back together with their toxic exes.

    All you can do is be you and do what you think is best for both of you. You shouldn’t have to raise yourself to some unreachable standard (if that’s what he has). Just be as good as you can be to/with him and let the relationship go where it will. Best of luck to you.

  4. tell her the truth, have a talk on it or bring her along.

    In any relationship with a person an “ex” 90% will always be a NO NO as it triggers jealousy & insecurities no matter how confident & secured a person is. That's just how the brain & heart works on an “ex” matter.

    anyway, will you be okay if the situation is reversed?

    you might be telling it all here but you must have done something wrong for her to tell you to unfollow your old relationship. why did you say “stupidly agreed” to do it? did you cheat before?

  5. I take one medication every 6 weeks, if I don’t take it I am in the hospital for months for a chronic illness. One pill a day is still a regulated medication needed to help her regulate her thyroid. Those blood draws are just as necessary.

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