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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. “I don’t want to leave him but I also don’t want to be miserable. “

    If you stay you're DEFINITELY going to be miserable. If you leave, you have a real chance at actual happiness.

    Firstly, this relationship needs to be over. He's a serial cheater. He lies and gaslights you constantly, and then blames you for his cheating at times? And these episodes, what is that even about? Because I think it's bullshit and just another excuse for his actions.

    Secondly, the therapist? Victim-blaming is never okay. You were RAPED, you did not cheat. And anyone who blames you for what happened is a MONSTER. And you should report her because she should not be a therapist. Also, I'm getting a feeling that her always blaming you and siding with your boyfriend could mean they crossed a professional line. We know he'll sleep with anyone, were you suspicious of their interactions? Either way, report it.

    And as for your daughter…You already said you do all the childcare. And you don't rely him on financially. So, I mean….You've already covered the two main concerns of being a single parent. Also, his child support will surely be a lot more beneficial than having to put up with his bullshit.

    Don't stay for your child. This is a horribly toxic environment and things will just get worse the longer you stay. And you're only 23!!! Your adult life is just starting, please don't end up like the many women I've known who stayed farrrr too long with an abusive, manipulative jackass who treated them poorly and wasted so many good years just because that person was all they knew. I'm not saying it's easy to leave, but it can only get better once you do, let's be honest.

  2. The two vibrators my girlfriend has i bought them for her without her even mentioning wanting or needing one because i thought it would enhance our sex life and that she would enjoy them on her own time. I bought a magic wand plus (too big and rumbly for couple sex imo) and now i recently bought a finger vibrator that had like little strap and its silicone i forgot the name but its buzzy. I have spent like 180USD on vibrators for her because i was horny and thought she would enjoy them.

  3. It was an example, obviously it's not the thing that will make her love me or whatever, but, a change in life, big or small, might change the future drastically, just like in stories where people wanted to be a lawyer but become a doctor cause they broke ther leg or something, sure, it's uncommon, but ruling out the uncommon will only ever give you one option.

  4. She can either stick around and be loyal and enjoy that experience and build a future. Or she can be “free spirited” and love all she chooses. She is doing to you what an ex gf did to me. She wanted us to be on pause while she explored. I didn't appreciate that and also felt like I just have to be the bigger person and wait faithfully. It's not at all fair and she will absolitely make it seem like what she wants is totally normal. You will become the problem when it's actually her.

    Honestly if she doesn't want to be loyal and a team now then why would she later? She just wants a backup in case her life choices blow up in her face, and they will.

  5. The decent thing would be to move on and mind your own business. But it sounds like you’re gonna go from doing something pretty shitty, to actually being a piece of shit. I can tell because your replies to people here so far has mostly been about how to manage possible blowback, and not about whether this is the right thing to do. Real sociopath vibes.

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  7. You have to realize you and your boyfriend aren’t socially compatible. Relationships can survive this, but only if he realizes he can’t force you to be the social butterfly he is. It is ok for him to go to parties by himself and you stay home or be with you friends. If he continues to insist you join him, you are going to have a meltdown eventually. If he won’t listen to you and ignores your discomfort, you will have to decide if you want to stay with him. Wouldn’t you rather have a partner who enjoys what you enjoy and stops trying to make you be someone you aren’t?

  8. I didn’t. I took full responsibility for making this mistake. Do you have suggestions on how to go about earning his trust back?

  9. You're one of the worst people I've ever encountered on Reddit. That's saying something. You should break up with both women and stay the hell alone, like you deserve. Do you have any concept of how much pain and devastation it could bring to both women? How can you look at yourself? How do you sleep, being such a selfish person and compulsive liar?

  10. I think your wife might be a narcissist, cause the only way this matters so much to her is because she doesn't want the public to view her as anything but the absolute best fan and she feels entitled to that nomenclature and she's willing to privately fight your brother in the hopes of bullying him into publicly stating it because she wants to be viewed better than she is, look up the narcissist prayer and if that sounds anything like your wife then you have a lot more to worry about then just this

  11. I really wonder why anyone would think they are entitled to these rigourous invasions of privacy. If you don't trust him, you don't trust him and your relationship isn't built to last. If you feel you have to check his phone, conclude you don't trust him and move on. Your toxic behaviour will only make it much much worse.

    People should stay off each others phones unless they have permission. Spying like you did is utterly toxic.

  12. Her friends tell HER things in confidence – a confidence she respects – not YOU. That is a big difference. If she didn’t tell you things about herself and her life, I’d be worried, but her friend’s most private matters are none of your business. I’m with your gf. She will share if she wants to or wants your opinion, but other than that, her respecting her friend’s privacy is admirable. Means, she is likely also respecting yours, which would be a big bonus to me too.

  13. I'm sorry but I'd say he had every chance to stop this with her, and he only doing to now to save face, ones you take him back he will unblock her again and carry on.

    Speak to a lawyer and start divorce proceedings don't waste anymore time on him, also block his number and stop all communication until lawyer is involved.

    He flew this woman into you home town to fuck her, I would even consider reconciliation.

    Tell him.

    I gave you one too many opportunities, you are all out of chances, I am done being disrespected, as far as I am concerned you can unblock her and carry on your affair because you will be free to do as you please soon enough.

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