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Date: September 22, 2022

9 thoughts on “BOO BOO KITTY

  1. No, it was mostly verbal and just chatting. But he did write it down that he still owes me. Should I be doing that now to avoid future contact with him? I guess that's probably a good idea. Thank you!

  2. You have to be able to see the greater good in putting your own mood aside to celebrate with your partner. For better or worse, being in a relationship means you sometimes have to compartmentalize so you can participate in being a couple even if as an individual you're not 100%.

  3. Did you guys set ground rules on the separation?

    Your best option is get a lawyer divorce and go NC with everybody. This is such a shitty situation . Just hope the baby’s father will be in the child’s left so you won’t be all alone.

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