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Date: September 20, 2022

22 thoughts on “Brooke Synn the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. He better hope he never puts on weight. The church will send out their Inquisitors to hunt down the shape-shifting monster! Egads!

  2. If you were my daughter I would tell you the exact opposite. Your dad sounds very strange, not standing up for you and excusing your boyfriend taking advantage of you.

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  4. No, I could not. I wouldn’t be able to trust them ever again. Cheating is such a huge violation of trust to me and I know that I wouldn’t be able to forgive them. And he did this after only dating for five months?! You are being given a rare gift of finding out who your partner really is early, which usually doesn’t happen.

    After I was cheated on, I got into a relationship with someone that is truly the most respectful, amazing, kind person and I would have never met him if I had spent my time trying to make something work with my ex that cheated. This man betrayed you within five months – find someone that actually deserves you.

  5. I noticed this as well. The age gap is telling. As is his tik tok habits.

    It's not tik toks fault or the fault of the young women dancing on tik tok. But it is really telling as to whom he is attracted too. Sounds like OP is aging out of his ideal and he's just a creep.

    It doesn't sound like OP is the problem, but the bf is. He has unrealistic expectations and sounds like he only likes very young women.

    I feel bad for OP because she's had kids with this man. But this isn't a good situation. I'm not sure it will change. She can try talking to her bf/husband but not sure if it will change. He seems to not care what she thinks as he's so blatant about it.

  6. I'm so sorry this happened to you and I'm proud of you for taking the actions against him and move on to something healthy for you. Sending you healing energy

  7. Hey you sound a little depressed. Maybe consider seeing a therapist? Talk some of this out. Decide what you truly want in a relationship. This might not be the guy for you. You deserve better. I think you're feeling like it's NOT a one-time mistake (and you're right to feel that way it wasn't just one woman and it seems to be something that could establish a pattern). Short of lurking his phone – there's no way to make sure it doesn't happen again (and that's just creepy no one should be doing that). Even though you just moved in – doesn't mean you shouldn't just move out. I know it's exhausting but you don't have to put up with ill treatment.

  8. He and his friends overreacted but I am a bit lost why you showed up uninvited. You can’t be shocked he wasn’t happy. Some people want to have their own things.

  9. Imagine training your kids to come to you when they find a toilet full of poop. And imagine that it happens so frequently they aren't surprised.

  10. You changed universes. The version of you who got transported to your original reality is really confused about her bf not knowing they were dating for a year.

  11. You 100% don't spit in the face of someone you love,or even like. It would take hatred and disgust to elicit that response from me.

    Your gf is showing you how she truly feels. Believe her. You deserve so much better.

  12. Oh the tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive…

    Just tell her you saw it and ask her about it. Apologize for looking at the message.

  13. OP,

    If he cannot except you for the wonderful person that you are now, then he does not need you in his life.

    Somewhere he did not care when you all were dating, but now he does?

    I would never allow someone to take nudes, once they are out there you can never get them back.

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