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7 thoughts on “butter-flelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Bro huge, huge red flag. RUN. Very fast. She's basically told him(and through him you) that the way she sees it she's settled for you and isn't as into you as you are her.

    That should be all you need to know don't waste your time on someone who'd drop you like a hat the second someone she likes better comes along. Be YOUR first choice not someone else's second.

  2. Yeah, once you get the ick it's over.

    Sorry this happened to you, I'm at least glad you didn't have any kids or anything, and you find out he's garbage when you're still young.

  3. You are young so can be forgiven, but life is not a movie and things are a lot more important than the aesthetics. A proposal is asking a question and that is the hole point – whether you did it sky diving, diving with sharks or submerged in a tub full of diamonds doesn't change the question. If it does, than that is your Aesthetics problem not theirs. This idea of a “perfect” wedding or proposal or reveal party or shower really is just silliness supported by the industries that profit off of promoting such things. What would you gain by telling your partner that you didn't like their proposal? Would the “repropose” in a more acceptable way and for that matter if you had such a particular way in which you required your proposal why didn't you propose to them?

  4. Your wife sucks.

    It's so bizzare to me that this is something people find gross, it's not normal where I live to circumcise a baby, many see it as cruel genital mutilation so it's just so odd to me that people are rude to you about it. There is nothing wrong with how you are and your wife is being cruel.

  5. Idk man, I don’t know the sub you might have been lurking, and it’s not my job to justify others opinions (which you likely fabricated anyway to “prove” your point. Tread carefully because you sound like you’re going deep into some serious MRA bullshit and it’s just a short little stumble into straight up naziism from there. Maybe get off Reddit for a while and go to therapy, figure out why you are so extremely insecure and work on that. Then you won’t care so much about the stupid shit other people say.

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