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Date: September 25, 2022

3 thoughts on “Camilaadams online webcams for YOU!

  1. “Auditioning a boatload of other guys” – well that gave me the ick, congrats. Maybe OP should have told his gf he wanted exclusivity when he wanted exclusivity regardless if they were ready to make it ‘official’ yet or not. She’s not a mind reader. It’s a perfectly acceptable thing to a large proportion of people. It’s okay for OP to not be cool with it if OP actually told her at any point that he was not cool with it. It’s not fair to her to be mad at her for something she didn’t know he wanted.

  2. OP, this is great advice. Especially the part about “I feel” statements. Focus on how you feel, rather than trying to ascribe motives to her behavior. She can’t change her past, but how she responds to you will help you figure out what to do next.

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