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Make me very hot by controlling my Lovense Lush , ❤️ PVT open, let’s get naughty ?

Date: September 21, 2022
Actors: DaisyVibes

4 thoughts on “CataGomez

  1. You tell him that's a boundary that your don't want him to cross , and that if he wants to be your partner you don't want him to do flirty things with other girls. See how he responds, does he get it. Break up if you need to, but he's young and stupid , so maybe this can be a teaching moment.

  2. Yea because I don’t love the kid but I’m working through it and we were working through it. I’m not dense, YOU are not understanding my issue so you’re the dense one. But from what you’re saying his ex is right about everything about him

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