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Date: September 18, 2022

7 thoughts on “Claire Moulin the naked live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Seriously I never get why so many women are universally against mandatory paternity tests. Like all it does is prevent the horrible women from ruining a man’s life, not that all women can’t be trusted.

  2. Most people have friends like this, especially when they're contacts from way earlier in life and we've kind of gone our separate ways (not seeing each other at school every day). You can always decide to no longer consider this person a friend. Or you can get busy with other friends, perhaps people you know from more recent periods in your life.

  3. Yes be worried.

    She is forming an emotional attachment with him, and after that emotionally cheating, and then physically cheating is more likely.

    And also her hypocrisy about her friendship with him, and what she expects from you regarding your friendships with women.

    So she needs to cut all contact with him (see from a comment that she has sent him a message about this, so wait and see if it happens). She needs to apologise for her hypocrisy She needs to apologise for lying and hiding it in the first place. You both need to set and agree to the boundaries of your relationship again. And you both need to be talking more about your lives outside of the home. So that something like this is less likely to happen in the future.

  4. There isn't much you can do. If she insists on going, then she will go.

    I suggest that you support a trip of perhaps 30 days. Since you have a good support network, that should be doable. But if she doesn't agree to come back at the end of that time, then I think that means she's abandoning the family, and you should file for full custody of your daughter. I suggest making those terms clear before she goes. She should also be aware that all financial support ends at the 30 day mark as well. If you have a joint bank account, take half of the money out of it at that point, and put it into an account at a different bank, in your name only. Then stop putting any money in the joint account after that.

    Maybe your wife is exhausted, and is having a midlife crisis, and needs a few weeks to be an individual rather than a mommy. That's understandable, I think. But any more than that, and she is crossing a bridge of no return.

  5. As an emotionally detached man myself, I would say it's a defence mechanism. If you don't bare your emotions and feelings, it can't be used against you at a later date. Many women say they want their men to talk about their feelings and emotions but if you actually do it, you are told to Man Up. This has happened to me on a number of occasions

  6. OP, she's not your close friend. You might consider Her that, but she does not reciprocate that feeling. No need to get so defensive. But might be time for some introspection. One of your “close friends” doesn't include you in her birthday and other big events she plans? Not your close friend. Take a step back, and take some time to truly evaluate why you are in a one-sided “close” friendship with someone who doesn't see or treat you that way. Maybe this trip alone is a good idea for you to do that on.

  7. INFO: Do the two of you live! together? And aside from “big romantic gestures”, what else do you do to try & build intimacy with your GF?

    Just trying to get a better understanding of the picture here.

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