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  1. You need to put things into perspective here; first, your relationship ended because he's a shitty person and it was an objectively unhealthy relationship. You might have woken up to your personal faults recently, but they don't change the fact that he's an asshole and that the relationship was terrible. Acknowledge that.

    Next, you should never shit where you eat. But here we are. As it relates to your ex, you did nothing wrong. Does you having hooked up with your co-worker change the fact that your ex compares you negatively to his ex? Even if he apologized, has he now just magically woken up and decided what he said for 3 years isn't the truth?

    Certainly let your co-worker go by saying you just don't feel a connection. But also come to terms with the fact that it would be a mistake to get back together with your ex. Good luck.

  2. Listen to your friends and family. They actually do love you, unlike your boyfriend. They can SEE that he doesn’t love you the same way that you love him. Please consider how your future will look… do you really think he would stick by you if you were suddenly unable care for him and he had to become your carer? If you got sick, like long-term sick, would he be there for you? What about kids? Do you really think he would care for them beyond playtime, or would you just pick up all the slack?

    IMO, the kind of guy who would take advantage of you at every turn is the same kind of guy who wouldn’t think twice about moving on with someone else who seems to be offering him more.

    I’ve read many of your comments and he just seems worse and worse the more that you describe him. Is he this selfish about everything? Somehow I have a feeling that you’re also doing all the work in bed. You obviously have a lot to offer a partner and you deserve better.

  3. But .. it seems like her husband took advantage of her incapacitated sister, it's really important that she was spends time to ascertain whether this was consensual or a sexual assault.

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