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Date: September 27, 2022

2 thoughts on “CurvyJules69live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I know. The practical issues you're pointing out make sense. But what I'm astounded by is the attitude in the thread, painting OP's hesitation as a character flaw rather than being put between a rock and a naked place. If I were in OP's position I would also be asking questions about what would happen to those kids (including the one her friend is pregnant with) if she were to tell authorities, vs. telling the boyfriend directly/indirectly, vs. multiple other situations. You can emphasize that whatever happens to those children are not her primary concern compared to what happens to the person OP's friend slept with, without insinuating the consequences are somehow OP's and not OP's friend's.

    So her giving people an incurable, potentially fatal disease because of her own selfish desires, is acceptable if it keeps her kids out of foster care

    Like this. Phrasing the decision scenario this way makes it sound like OP's the judge jury and executioner of whether the guy dies from HIV. Also, foster care is not at all a trivial matter.

    Like no. OP is an unwilling witness being pulled into this without their consent. Stop shaming and guilting OP. Stick to guidance. Help illuminate the different options and likely outcomes for OP without an attitude.

  2. Her behavior is super toxic! It feels like no one addressed this. Longing for a baby is valid, her feelings are valid, but using sex as a weapon and manipulating you into feeling bad because you feel differently is toxic! That’s not a healthy mindset to have another baby at all :(. I just had a baby at 41 and it’s completely different than having one at 25 like my first. I am happy with my situation but I can recognize it’s definitely not for everyone. I will be retirement age as he becomes and adult. Her feelings are valid and your feelings are valid; her way of going about this is not healthy for herself, for you or for your marriage. This is one of those big things that can ultimately be a deal-breaker, unfortunately.

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