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Dakota Blare


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Date: September 24, 2022

3 thoughts on “Dakota Blare

  1. Tell her that you meant the cute romantic things that you do for each other, and it was her mind that went straight to sex.

    And while you don’t want to hear it, her behaviour could be a red flag ?, she may have been cheating on you while she was apart from you, or may be looking at leaving you, and looking for any reason to make it your fault.

  2. She has now admitted to remembering what she said and is basically just saying that she’s the worst and I deserve better.

    listen to your wife's words and find better

    plan a polygraph and take it away

    There's a good chance she cheated on you.

    confessed her emotional attachment to someone else and you want to stay with her as the provider,

    you love her!!

    Love is worthless if it is not mutual.

  3. Why should you go to relationship counseling when he did it and not you. That'll just be someone else trying to tell you how to stay with a cheater and make it normalized.

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