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Model from: us

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Birth Date: 1992-04-26

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Date: September 21, 2022

24 thoughts on “danigirl866live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. End this pity party and move on women don’t care about the trials and tribulations that men endure, dust yourself off and move on. If you need someone to coddle you go to your parents.

  2. Because men are human, and humans are not calculating. Humans fall in love. Humans have noble and chivalric ideals. Humans fall on their asses.

    Humans might choose to adopt someone else’s offspring and raise it. The reasons we do this are complex, but usually boil down to love: you love their parents, you love your spouse, you love the children themselves, you love the idea of parenthood.

    Men do these things because they are human, and this is what humans do.

  3. I don't really hype my wife up to other people in my life, they meet her and they can tell she's awesome. Show don't tell, that's my motto in a lot of things really.

  4. Nah religion plays into it. No need to separate it. The belief stems from what religious institutions/doctrines have taught him. He is an asshole tho.

  5. I don't see any red flags. Going by the 'half plus 7' rule, you're right on the edge of what is generally considered socially acceptable in terms of age gap.

    At some point, he will likely succumb to age and you may have some time left. Personally, I think it's better to enjoy the relationship you have available to you now. I could go on about this but you won't read it haha.

    I think you should go with your heart and not let fear of the future hold you back.

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  7. I’m going to give this piece of shit the benefit of the doubt and take him at is word. If he “cannot control himself” then he is not ready to be in a relationship. Just like an alcoholic who can’t control themselves around booze shouldn’t be at a bar, a sex addicted predator shouldn’t be in a relationship or alone with a woman. Get the fuck away from this guy and never look back. He will make all kinds of apologies and promises. They mean nothing. Do not believe him. Never be alone with this person again.

  8. This happened to me when I was 1st dating my boyfriend and I was so worried about it and I finally said something and he said he didn't have anything.. He was more than familiar with the issue since he had been married before. I spent a lot time worrying for nothing.

  9. So despite her not taking care of three animals prior, you thought she’d somehow take care of this 4th animal? when I was 12, I begged my parents for some parakeets and promised I’d take care of them. Well I didn’t take care of them bc I was a lazy kid. Well My dad, who worked two jobs, ended up cleaning the their cages and taking care of them instead. And he eventually gave them away to my uncle who loves birds. Few years later I begged him to let me have a cat. Promised I’d take care of it. Guess what? My parents said hell no. Bc they learned their lesson with me the first time lol. I’m amazed you’ve given your wife so many

  10. My 14 year old cousin did actually end it, when his 13 year old gf was pregnant. Not a joke. Do not take this lightly. This kid is going to get himself into serious trouble one way or the other of this behaviour isn’t addressed.

  11. And if anything this feels like im not being listened to cause shes just pushing me away and excusing something thats affecting me negatively

  12. My thinking is that you have to do one of two things. Block her and go no-contact with her. Or do something others may not agree with. That’s dating someone who she would be hurt to see you with.

  13. Sorry to hear about your mom’s past.

    My parents were faithful to each other but there were other problems with their marriage. Old school Italian Catholics who didn’t believe in divorce but didn’t have a loving relationship. So my view of marriage is not theirs but I do believe in keeping my promises.

  14. You need to break off all in person contact.

    You need to go through the courts and set up a proper visitation/co parenting schedule and you need to only contact him by text for drop off and pick-up times.

    He needs to collect the kids and see them away from your home.

    He does not come into your home.

    This is what you should have done in the beginning so that by now you would be purged of his using you.

    This is the only way you can move on from him. Go cold turkey. Treat him as an addiction you need to get rid of.

  15. I agree, I just need to sort out what I’m gonna say. Thank you so much, I really appreciate the outside perspective. I think I definitely got stuck in my own head about how I was feeling with regards to the situation and this really needs to be a proper conversation with him

  16. End the relationship.

    Anyone who can think something like that is a joke is not worth your time or energy.

  17. Yeah, my bf doesn’t like seeing people get picked on and tends to stand up for people.

    Maybe you should take a page out of his book and stop befriending abusers

  18. Perhaps there were an instance or two where he found out. But he never really confronted me about it…

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