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  1. Dads are non negotiable, especially when you love your dad, sleeping over once a month is not a big deal. Supported ?

  2. Hmm. This does make sense to me, I shouldve been clear from the start with him. but brings me to some more questions. I agree its not fair to change a partner into what you’d like. But is there a level to it?

    Ex. Wanting a partner to change a hobby = wrong

    Asking a partner to unfollow people or accounts = right or wrong?

    Asking them not to call other women hard infront of you = right or wrong?

    Not being defensive, more so trying to get a deeper understanding

  3. Girl, those strippers were former sex buddies he didn't use protection with many years ago. It's obvious he didn't wanted a relationship with them back then and not now. As any responsible man, he wants to make sure he knows all his children. When you have minor children with someone else, communication with the other parent is going to happen.

    As unexpected as this situation is, discuss and set boundaries for his communications with the exes (limit discussions with exes/mothers to talk about kid(s) and visits, school, financial support, etc.) Also, you should meet them (kids and mother(s)). Stay and sort it out with him, unless he is cheating (which I don't think so).

    Yeah, it's messy but don't let ex strippers he never thought about until this situation make you insecure. I'm sure he had NO intention to make children with them, he's just stepping up just like you would expect.

    And if he still has a “thing” for strippers, strip for him sometimes ?

    However, if he cheated……run!

    My two cents. Good luck.

  4. The fact that you are going somewhere and have to stop and wait what around so your gf can stop to catch up. If it’s two minutes great, no problem. If it’s more than a few minutes, then it’s annoying.

  5. “If your Happiness depends on what another person

    says or does, YOU are the one who has the problem, not them.”

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  7. His death made this finite, perhaps you had some hope of him changing his mind and coming back to you and the accident took this away. So now you have to accept that he indeed is never coming back. I am sorry, this is a tragedy and unlike some others here I don't think cheaters deserve death. Very few people I think deserve death and they would have to be some sort of genocidal maniac for that. So your ex didn't deserve to die, no, saying that is frankly disgusting. However, he did cheat and leave you, and that in itself SHOULD have been finite for you. The person who does that does not love you and you deserve better. Going forward, get yourself in counselling to process your complicated feelings of multiple types of grief you are experiencing at once, and learn how to love yourself more in order to not think that someone who will lie and betray you and not want you could be your soulmate, cos he really isn't. I'm sorry you are going through this, it is all very traumatising. It will get better, but seek any type of help and support you can to get you through this.

  8. Yeah, when I look at it from an outside perspective it doesn't feel like much really. I think I just have a low bar in regards to what I deserve.

    Yeah, I'll try and keep it that way, I still need to collect some stuff from our house though and I'm dreading mentioning it because that feels like I'm breaking up with him all over again.

    My friend will hopefully be coming to see me tomorrow, but if I try to talk to it with my mom she will tell me she hopes we can work it out, when I really need someone to say no, I've seen how bad it's been for you, please don't go back.

  9. Jfc, leave. Leave his ass there at the hospital, let him die with the consequences of his own bullshit. Why in god's name would you waste any of your precious time on someone who disrespected you, leeched off you, cheated on you, sent YOUR ANIMALS to another woman to create a bond, sent YOUR MONEY to her, TOLD SAID OTHER WOMAN THAT HE LOVES HER…. I don't get it. I do not get this stupidity at all. Please remove head from sphincter. “I'm not gonna leave I feel thats an asshole thing to do” buuuut… the asshole thing he did is ok though? You're just gonna take this on the chin? Give the ring back, move out of this shared shit of a relationship and move on with your life.

    Do you honestly think he'd be there for you if the roles were reversed? You were on your death bed and he found out you were cheating? I'll give you a hint: he wouldn't. Men leave their dying/sick partners at an significant rate. Don't be another dumb bitch who throws her life away over some piece of shit. Be a smart bitch and move on.

  10. Depending on the felony perhaps. Simple drug possession or a mutual barfight in his youth, sure.

    Attempted murder? Murder? Rape?

  11. That's how you should always online your life, and I wish you the best of luck. Find your own happiness, you genuinely deserve it. And maybe one day you will find someone worthy of sharing that happiness with.

  12. I don't really understand the part about someone always blinks but ok.

    Basically that it's not a permanent situation… unless it's a permanent situation. At some point, one or the other is going to look for more, either elsewhere or with that person. ie: they blink (it's an analogy.)

    It's going to come down to what you actually want. The fact that other guys are falling on to your radar means that maybe this current situation isn't ticking all the boxes of where you want to be?

    You don't want to cause conflict, rock the boat with what you have, but if you're starting to want more… even if it's just more FWB situations, it's a conversation that is going to need to happen at some point unless you just settle for this current situation.

  13. For this aspect I've always been open with him about it. So not sure. And when it's come up he can never tell me why or anything. OR refuses too.

  14. Yep this is about control, especially since he doesn’t even have his own. He wants you to suffer and struggle because he doesn’t think you should have it easy. He paid for it just to take it away from you. That’s insanity.

    What other mind games will he play with you and your child?

  15. I don’t want sex with other people. I want another romantic partner for emotional balance. Someone who can give both of us something we can’t give each other. Like another support system

  16. I appreciate what you said. I am done. This whole situation is frustrating because actually he is moving in a few weeks so our relationship has an expiration date, but we said we would enjoy what we have until the end. I guess not and it will just end early

  17. You are fucking up your kid more the longer you delude yourself that this marriage can be resurrected. It’s too far gone. She doesn’t love you anymore, and she sure as hell stopped respecting you ages ago.

  18. What does he suggest as a strategy? He needs to take the lead with fixing his behaviour. It can’t be we(you) suggesting it.

    Why does he shut down? Why is he doing the behaviour he does? What’s his explanation?

  19. Yes, i really stupid before. I think because of all the gaslighting and manipulation, all my self respect went out of the window ?? I wont let that happen to me again. thanks so much ?❤

  20. So he was drunk and she wasnt? Thats rape.

    Youre mom is fucking cracked. And needs a psychologist. Like, 18 years ago.

  21. I wouldn't trust you either with that lame excuse for having the sitter come over. If you are that inept at housework…really dude??…..have her come over while you are at work. And have the elf camera on if it makes your wife happy.

  22. I'd agree with what the other commenter said. While I certainly would understand if you harbored some resentment, there's really no reason not to leave the door open. Like I said earlier, I really do believe that he's not doing this out of some sort of malice towards you. I think he's just blinded by his insecurities and will do literally anything to try not to lose whoever he's with by proving full loyalty to her. Like we've both discussed ad nauseum, it's absolutely fucking insane, but it's what it is.

    Now, having said all that, he doesn't deserve to be let off the hook either. If this relationship fails, which could very likely happen, he'll instantly be flooded with regret as it relates to you. But he still made a conscious decision as an adult, so if he does try to reconcile at some point, you can and should tell him exactly how you feel about it.

    As for your sister (and even your friend), it's not about giving them shit. That's never what you should be doing anyway. It's pointing out that it's unhealthy behavior. It's not an insult, even if they probably will take it that way.


  23. Do you talk with your ex too? How would she act if she found out you lied about chatting with your ex? Well, it is time to contact with your ex. Tell your gf that if it is okay for her.

  24. OP – this is abuse. You’re so much younger than her and you in no way deserve to be treated the way you are. It sounds like she’s alienated you from everyone. Please leave and reconnect with the people you love.

  25. No you can't because cheating is a weakness of character that needs a lot of work and realisation to work on yourself. It is still early find someone that is more stable.

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