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Date: September 25, 2022

21 thoughts on “Emili the very hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It isn't contradictory.

    No one is suggesting lying to the kids. I know you are really hung up on this and it sounds like your parent's divorce continues to really bother you. Not blaming a parent to the kids is not lying.

    Can you please identify a source of what you are asserting? I have done more than my share to explain.

  2. That is very suspicious. Maybe there is something with Ben and your Wife. Why does Ben refused to meet you? Maybe he may feel guilt once he saw you personally. It's easy to cheat with somebody's wife if you don't personally know her husband.

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  4. Yeah, a total idiot would be ideal for his setup.

    This is basically asking to be financially abused if she signs it.

  5. Your bf need help, he shouldn't be in a relationship if this is how he behaves

    Would he refuse treatment if a woman doctor had to touch his knob?

  6. For what it's worth, I'm a guy and my best friend of several years is a woman who is in a serious relationship.

    Even if you gave your best friend the absolutely highest benefit of the doubt that he is just acting jealous out of a fear of losing his connection/time with you (as happens frequently when someone enters a new relationship), you need to set him straight.

    Tell him that if these “comparisons” or attempts to share time with you in the way your boyfriend would do not immediately stop, then you will have to unfortunately end the friendship and cut ties with him.

    He needs to hear that and adjust his behavior accordingly. If you want to soften the message a bit, then offer him up some examples of the ways in which he will still be your best friend that runs parallel to your romantic relationship.

    Out of curiosity what does your boyfriend think of 30M?

  7. Text him that you are done and block him everywhere. Tell you parents and your friends that you are afraid of him so they know to look out for him if he tries stalking you.

    He doesn’t get a say in this as it only takes one person to break up. You do not need his agreement or his permission. Good luck.

  8. Okay let’s not twist the story. This is not “some creep,” this is her ex

    That doesn't exempt him from being a creep. I will remind you he sent someone he hasn't spoken to in years a picture of his own cum.

    who she’s used in the past to try and make OP jealous/hurt him.

    According to who, OP? He's not a reliable narrator, his behavior is almost as unhinged as the ex. I feel sorry for the wife being sandwiched between these two lunatics.

    He didn’t request that she contact her ex, her friend suggested it. He laughed along and agreed, thinking it’d be funny to ask him that question.

    So what part of that changes the fact that she contacted this guy with his blessing?

    I can’t imaging OP was expecting them to catch up on life and whatever else happened over the course of the next week/month.

    Did they? OP hasn't said anything to that effect, you're just assuming it based on…what, exactly?

    You’d think that after he confessed that he’s still in love with her, that she’d cut contact again.

    Who says she didn't? OP has absolutely nothing that suggests she even responded to him after the unsolicited “I'm still in love with you” message. Which I will point out again that she told her husband about as soon as it happened, so why are you (and he) assuming she suddenly started lying when that has not been her behavior so far?

    Even after that, he reached out with that picture a full month later. We don’t have the full story, but I doubt she cut him off and a month later he sends that picture.

    Why, because THAT would be crazy? What about the ex's behavior makes you think he is responding in a rational way to anything she says or does? Again, this is a guy who responded to her silly message with “I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU” and then at some point thought she would enjoy looking at a picture of his semen. What about this guy says “he acts logically so clearly she must have been encouraging him and lying about it, why else would such a stable and normal individual do something strange” to you?

    What is she confiding in him about?

    You're missing my point. You're acting like it's suspicious that she didn't tell her husband about the disgusting picture. I'm saying it's the most reasonable thing in the world considering the absolutely batshit way her husband exploded about this and blamed her. He says they've been married for decades, presumably she knows he's a volatile and insecure guy. Why on earth would she tell him about this if she knows what he's like? Again by his own admission he was going to divorce her over this and he doesn't even know that she did anything wrong.

    If he’s accusing her of cheating and she was innocent, I’d think her first instinct would be anger and trying to show he’s wrong.

    What about OP's behavior makes you think he would be receptive to that? In his own words he had a screaming argument with her about the photo (that he found while snooping through her phone), thought about divorcing her just because some creep sent her a gross picture, and is still obsessing over this two years later. I've only know this guy for one post and I can already tell it would be an exercise in futility to try to convince him of her innocence. She's know him for decades, she is already aware of this.

    Panicking, crying, and trying to delete it to make the whole thing go away so he'll stop screaming at her is a perfectly normal reaction.

  9. but I still haven't told my family about this and they think she's nice, so they encourage me to stay with her a lot, and I've been with her for a long time and she was my first girlfriend. i am very ugly and i will never find someone like her in terms of beauty

  10. I was married to a man like this. He could not get past the fact that I, as a 25yo woman at the time we met, had…gasp boyfriends before we met! Then used this fact to emotionally demolish me for our entire marriage. He would go though my things, my emails, my anything he could get his hands on to look for confirmations of these relationships. Got to the point that I didn’t want to go home after work because I never knew what I was walking into. I too apologized and asked him to forgive me and tried to explain that this is something I can’t change. He went to therapy. We went to therapy. Then, after 7 years of the same exhausting fight, we divorced. If he wanted a virgin, he should have married one.

  11. That’s so embarrassing for her lol. You need to break up with her asap, she was planning to cheat and didn’t because he ghosted her, maybe he thought her nudes were not nude. Don’t feel bad for reading her journal.

  12. My friend calls everyone, including her clients, sweetie. Some people just naturally use terms of endearment with others.

  13. I agree! She could of had it in the linen closet and he still would of gone in there to 'get a towel'!

  14. Not responding leaves her in suspence and never gives her the satisfaction of having closure from this relationship.

    I like the way you think.

  15. We've been together for four years. It wouldn't impact me living in his family home but living together in an apartment it would become he wouldn't be able to afford it. He doesn't pay rent at home, but his mom would expect $200 a month. He never asks me for money but I am still waiting for him to pay me back for the part of the trip I booked and we have planned this summer.

    It does suck. As a partner he's spot on besides this one area and I know there's potential for growth and he seems completely open and willing, but it's better to not bet on potential. I could save lots of money still living at his family's home and I would be happier but it's just the risk of knowing what if this doesn't work out because of these issues.

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